Pic Of The Day #2184

Yesterday was the opener of the Sunday pickup game at Doubleday Field behind Kings Highway Elementary School. The game has been going on for over 20 years. (Photo/Matthew Mandell)

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  1. When //i was in little league baseball, playing at Gault Park or the original Bedford Elementary, the infield had grass, justice in the majors. Ir’ds ashamed today’s kidschave to play on all dirt infields.

    • John D McCarthy

      That field is designed to be primarily a softball field. The LL baseball and HS baseball fields all have grass infields.

    • Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

      As my comment below indicates, I was confused on which field we are talking about. There was a grass infield diamond closer to Kings Highway in which we played Babe Ruth. The field in question was always a softball field and was situated very close to Saugatuck Elementary AKA Bedford Junior High AKA Staples High School. The gals played softball there.

  2. charles taylor

    Great idea

  3. Never knew this existed. What time do they play on Sundays? Anyone know? Is this just recreational or an “A” type game? Appreciate it. Thanks.

  4. Clyde Wauchope

    I would also love to know what time on Sundays – no idea this existed!!

  5. Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

    I played there in 9th grade varsity (circa 1963 BJHS) and Babe Ruth (1961-1963) and it definitely had grass. I did not know softball fields are all dirt infields. Also played some games at Rogers Field which is where the Pavilion is now. It used to be the dump and if you dug your cleats in hard at home plate, a beer can would errupt from beneath. Fun times in the Wonder Years. We had fun, they seem to be more worried about a Division I ride these days?

  6. Philip and Clyde (others?)
    We start the games around 9am every Sunday, weather permitting, but arrive earlier to warm up and stretch.
    It’s a pick up game so we just make teams each week depending on who shows. You guys are welcome to come play. Usually done by 11am.

    • The only requirements of EVERY player are to play for fun and be a decent person! No arguing calls, etc.

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