Friday Flashback #342

Almost a year ago, a small group of Westporters announced a big milestone.

Residents — and folks from far away — contributed well over $1 million. The century-old food stand by Old Mill Beach was saved from possible destruction (and modern construction, as a private home).

The new place would open soon, with an important nod to the past: Old Mill Grocery & Deli. That was its original name,

Most recently, it had been known as Joey’s by the Shore. For 2 decades before that, it was Elvira’s.

For much of the second half of the 20th century, it was called Kenny’s (for owner Ken Montgomery).

Or by its nickname: Grub’s.

“06880” has posted many photos, from the building’s earliest days to its most recent.

But we’ve never seen this shot before. To many generations of Westporters, this was Grub’s.

It was taken around 1976. But really, it’s timeless.

(Photo/Clayton Liotta via Facebook)

(Remember Grub’s? Consider a gift in its (his) honor, to “06880.” Please click here — and thank you!)

8 responses to “Friday Flashback #342

  1. It was on the corner of Bridge St and S. Compo and was demolished for the I-95

  2. Kathryn Sirico

    I love the advertisement of Cigarettes, Candy and Coke taking center stage on the front……boy have times changed!

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Sometime in the 60’s “Kenny’s” lost their food license and was restricted to prepackaged goods. No more lunch meat sliced to order. 3 guesses why. Rumor has it that the spoiled kids (no, really spoiled???) of Westport that moved to town with their overly indulgent parents shoplifted him to ruin and/or death on their way to the beach. I think it was probably the kids that were allowed to call him Grub. I was always under orders to treat him with respect. He was, after all, a nice man.

  4. Timothy Wright

    I lived on Grove Point in 1976-78. Did a whole lot of running, walking, cycling all over Westport/Weston. Hillspoint Rd was my starting point. I often stopped as I finished the run/walk/ride for something to drink or snack. In my first year there before I stopped smoking, for a pack of Marlboros, too.

  5. Cool pic. Old school. As a kid I/we used to buy a drop line in there. Then over to Old Mill, net some shiners and fish for Snappers..I could never bring myself to call Kenny “Grub”..

  6. Eugenie Schomer

    In the early ’60s, my family was among the group of (mostly) New Yorkers who had summer houses at Old Mill Beach. For the kids I
    hung around with, going to Kenny’s store for YooHoos and Hershey bars was part of our daily routine (at night, we also hung around the back door of the Cafe de la Plage begging for garlic bread, little urchins that we were).
    I can still remember the first time I walked over to Kenny’s with my Dad to get the Sunday Times. As soon as we went inside, we were hit with the most unforgettable… smell. And the flies. When we left, my Dad – a doctor and lifetime germaphobe – said, “I think the newspaper is the only thing we’ll need to buy there.”
    Not us kids. Kenny’s was as much a part of our summers as jumping off the bridges and waiting for the Good Humor truck to jingle into the parking lot. Great memories. Thanks for posting, Dan!

  7. Michael Calise

    Call or label him as you want but he was “The salt of the earth” Upon his passing he left all his property at Old Mill which consisted of the Old Mill store, his home next door and a parking lot across the street to the Westport YMCA. Which as a percentage of his net worth enrolled him at the upper echelon of YMCA benefactors in addition to his colorful presence in the Westport community.

  8. My friends and I – Angus Mackenzie, Huck McNamee et al – all knew it as Kenny’s. This looks like an early spring shot, before the Westinghouse wet box Coca-Cola cooler was put out in front.

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