Junior Oyebog: Rising Tennis Star With Westport And Cameroon Ties

Joseph Oyebog Junior — “Junior,” as he’s called — is a rising tennis star.

Just 15 years old, he won the BNP Paris Bas junior tournament in Indian Wells, California this weekend, with doubles partner Jagger Leach (son of former tennis champion Lindsay Davenport). They took the championship match in straight sets.

Junior Oyebog (right) and Jagger Leach, at Indian Wells.

Junior’s name is familiar to Westporters. His father, Joseph Oyebog, is a former Davis Cup player for Cameroon who has coached young tennis players in Westport for years. Junior is one of his many success stories.

When he’s not traveling to tournaments, Junior is often on the Staples High School courts.

But Westport is important to Junior’s family in another way too. Over 2 decades ago, Junior’s father created a tennis academy in his Cameroonian hometown.

With the help of local families, and a Westport-based board of directors, the non-profit Oyebog Tennis Academy bought land and built a school in the middle of a jungle.

Joseph Oyebog

For the past 24 years OTA has provided free tennis instruction, education and food to thousands of underprivileged children. The academy is famous in Africa, and the skills of the children who attend have improved dramatically.

This year, 2 OTA students received full scholarships to play tennis at American colleges.

The ties between Westport and OTA are growing even stronger. This spring, the academy launches a “Serving for Love” fundraising and leadership campaign, with local high schoolers and other supporters from across Fairfield County.

All proceeds will support children in need, and the OTA program in Cameroon.

Junior and his family are proud of their ties to both Westport and Cameroon, and are committed to making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children through tennis.

Junior’s goal is to play professional tennis. He’s already attracting attention from scouts and coaches.

With his talent — and the guidance of his father — Junior will ace this.

To learn more about Oyebog Tennis Academy — including how high school students can help — email Jnova76@gmail.com.

(Hat tip: Stefanie Lemcke)

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  1. Great story! Over the many years of being at the Staples courts in the Spring and Summer endlessly trying to get a kick serve to actually kick, I have seen Joseph take very young beginners to amazingly skilled teenage players. Not sure what secrets he holds but he’s definitely doing something right – and from this article, apparently on a whole number of levels.

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