Pic Of The Day #2153

Photographer Nancy Vener calls this “nature’s comment on the state of our country’s politics.”

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #2153

  1. Sad it’s true thanks to people like Trump, his lies, his moronic remarks band people who follow this cult

    • Thanks Peter. Many of our neighbors love him and adore him. They are business owners. Politicians. Realtors. Builders. Construction workers. Clergy. Media.

  2. Susie Swanson Millette, Staples '58

    God Bless our beautiful flag. A pity to see it in this condition. It makes me contemplate the reason why.

  3. That’s pathetic. Sew it up or get a new flag. For about $15. you can get a good, well made American flag at FlagsImporter.com. They’re in Canada. I realize the owner of this one is probably not reading this.

  4. Perfect. Flying backwords and shredding. Fantastic image.

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