Unsung Heroes #277

Westport’s calendar is packed with fundraising events.

Each week, there are galas to choose from. They feature food, drinks, silent and live auctions, and entertainment.

Westporters support them all generously. We pay good money, for great causes.

But these events don’t just happen. They take a ton of behind-the-scenes work, by corps of hard-working volunteers. Committed to the non-profits they serve, they spend countless hours making sure everyone has a good time (and buys tickets, bids on items, etc.).

Some are singled out for thanks. Many are not. Of course, that’s not why they help. They just want to make our community a better place for all.

Last Saturday’s “Fashionably Westport” was one of those very important benefits. Organized by the Westport Downtown Association, to raise funds for Homes with Hope — our wonderful supportive housing and food pantry organization — the 2-day event includes shopping and store promotions.

The centerpiece was a fashion show at the Westport Library. Over 60 models showcased apparel from 21 local businesses. Hair and makeup was done by 6 salons. Restaurants and spirit shops provided food and drink.

On the runway at Fashionably Westport. (Photo/Dan Woog)

It was an enormous undertaking, involving months of preparation and attention to detail.

Sometimes things go wrong. Saturday’s MC rubbed some attendees the wrong way. She mocked some merchants, made inappropriate “jokes,” and sent at least a dozen people to early exits.

Yet none of that detracts from the real heroes of the event: the men and women who worked tirelessly to put on a great fashion show (and more); the many local businesses who donated goods and time, and the Westport Downtown Association and Homes with Hope, who partnered for a crucial cause in a creative, fun (and fundraising) way.

“06880” salutes all the individuals, businesses and organizations that make “Fashionably Westport” — and so many other events like it — so successful. You are our Unsung Heroes of the week.

(Do you know an Unsung Hero? Let us know: 06880blog@gmail.com.)

Coming May 10: the 17th annual “Taste of Westport.” The Inn at Longshore event benefits CLASP Homes.

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  1. Thank you Dan! And thank you to all our neighbors, merchants, and hundreds of volunteers, including Staples children assisting during the event. You are the true reason we love Westport! Kind, respectful and giving.
    To many more!

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