School’s Back In Session; Jeep Plows Into Staples

Ice may have been a contributing factor in a motor vehicle accident that upended this morning’s back-to-school routine at Staples High School.

A Jeep — reportedly driven by a teacher — smashed through the side of the building into a culinary classrooms. Classes had not yet begun.

Incredibly, the vehicle crashed directly through windows and doors, missing adjacent brick walls.

But the driver reportedly hit a gas line to a stove.

(Photo courtesy of social media/Photographer unknown)

There were no reported injuries. Police and fire vehicles raced to the scene, through the usual North Avenue morning traffic jam.

(Photo courtesy of social media/Photographer unknown)

Students and staff were held outside, as fire officials checked for gas leaks. At 8:30, students and staff were allowed back in the building.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident.

(Photo courtesy of social media) 

It was quite a beginning, after 11 days away. School was out last week for winter break. Monday was a professional development day; yesterday was a snow day.

8 responses to “School’s Back In Session; Jeep Plows Into Staples

  1. I don’t suppose the Staples Culinary Arts department had any intention of creating a ‘drive through’ window?

    • No funny.. especially if someone maybe a student got severely injured or killed. How do you make jokes over this carelessness?

  2. Did the Jeep slide down from that elevated parking lot above where the music department is (or at least used to be)? Teacher learned the hard way that Jeeps might go uphill in the snow better than a regular car, but not downhill!

  3. No this wasn’t ice ! This guy was driving too fast for conditions. Thankfully no one was injured in the carelessness. Mandatory drivers ED for this maybe teacher.

    • How do you know it wasn’t ice? Several people noted how icy the conditions were this morning. Police are still investigating.

      And just for the record, the driver was a female, not a guy.

    • “This guy” is not a guy, according to the fire department report. (Many teachers are female.)

  4. I hope he wasn’t a Diver’s Education teacher!!!!!

  5. from a security & safety perspective, might want concreate posts or barrier for any large openings like that to keep vehicles out…accidental or purposeful…

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