Great Pizza Contest Heats Up In March

There will be at least 3 new winners in the 2023 Great Westport Pizza Contest.

That’s not my pie-in-the-sky prediction. It’s a fact: Westport Pizzeria and Jordan’s are no longer here to defend their titles (Best Slice and Best Plain for the former; Best Delivered for the latter) from the first event, in 2018.

But Joe’s Pizza (Best Meat; Best Gluten-Free), Tutti’s (Best Veggie) and Rizzuto’s (Best Personal) are.

They — along with Cuatro Hermanos, Gallo Pizza, Golden Pizza, Julian’s Kitchen, La Plage, Old Mill Grocery & Deli, Outpost Pizza, Parker Pizza, Pizza Lyfe, Romanacci, Spotted Horse and Via Sforza — are firing up their ovens.

The 2nd Great Westport Pizza Contest begins Wednesday (March 1).

In fact, all of March is Westport Pizza Month. 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker makes the announcement — and kicks off the contest, at noon Wednesday at Romanacci on Railroad Place.

There are 8 categories: the 7 from the contest 5 years ago, plus the new Best Flatbread.

The judges are experts: all of us. Voting will be done online (be sure to visit the venues!). Each participant is entered in a drawing, to win a free pizza from one of the 8 winning restaurants.  

Winning restaurants receive plaques. For more information and to access the voting pages, click here.

The event is organized by the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce, with sponsorship from the law firm Berchem Moses.

Previous Chamber contests have included burgers, soups, sandwiches and salads. This is the first time an event has been reprised.

(Here’s something where everyone wins: Please click here to support “06880.”  Thank you!)

5 responses to “Great Pizza Contest Heats Up In March

  1. Remember: “Pi”e day is 3.14 (March 14th) 3.1416

  2. My best slice wins at Long Shore

  3. Outpost Pizza is # 1 in my book … Joe’s is # 2 …

  4. IMHO, the best pizza within spitting distance of Westport is the Colony Grill. We started at the original location in Stamford about 30 years ago. Now, we go to Norwalk. And, while down in FL, we made the hour trek from our condo twice: once, to go to the Colony in St. Pete’s, and a second time to sample it in Tampa. We were not disappointed. In Westport, my vote goes to Julians or Romanaci.

  5. We loooove the whole wheat thin crust with fresh mozzarella from Planet Pizza. (their penne ala vodka is great too!)

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