Photo Challenge #426

John Richers was sure that his image — an odd-looking greenish creature-thing — would stymy last week’s Photo Challenge readers.

I had faith they’d come through.

I was right. Kenny Gilbertie, Andrew Colabella, Wendy Schaefer, Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Beth Berkowitz all knew that the shot showed the Pure Salon & Beauty Studio on Taylor Place, with Green & Tonic in the reflection. (Click here to see.)

I’m betting that at least one reader will nail this week’s Photo Challenge, too. (And perhaps it won’t only be Andrew Colabella, who seems to be batting 1.000 here.)

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Ed Simek)

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41 responses to “Photo Challenge #426

  1. On side of that big office building just down the street from the former Arrow?

  2. The building across from kings highway elementary

  3. Office building across from former Tarry Lodge?

  4. On the side of the Temple Israel

  5. 21 Charles Street (on the Franklin Street side)

  6. On the office building at Charles St. and Railroad Place.

  7. Kate Caputo Squyres

    One I actually know (I think!)! This is on the side of the office building at 21 Charles Street.

  8. Ugly office building near old Arrow Restaurant in Saugatuck

  9. On the side of the office building in Saugatuck — easily seen driving Eastbound on I-95.

  10. Adorning the acknowledged “ugliest building in Westport.” BTW, anyone know what the developers of The Hamlet plan to do with this œvre d’art and its counterpart on the adjoining facade?

  11. Assuming that IS the sculpture on the Charles St. building, I’m guessing that no one knows who created it. I knew the sculptor Harvey Weiss who told me he didn’t think a lot of the work. The builder just wanted something to be there. But Harvey was a terrific sculptor who did many wonderful works.

  12. Building down the street from the Arrow. It is a Harvey Weiss sculpture, a prolific artist whom we were lucky to know. Great family friend.

  13. Those who answered “21 Charles Street,” “across from the old Tarry Lodge,” “near the old Arrow” and/or “the ugliest building in Westport are all correct.

  14. Westport’s “skyscraper” on the corner of Franklin and Charles

  15. Charles Street office building.

  16. Hi Lucy,

    Nice to hear your voice, albeit in writing and on “06880!”

    Yes, going to Nistico’s Arrow was a lovely experience. One my sister — also Lucy — and I as children particularly enjoyed on Friday nights as the last stop back to Westport.

    The small slim squares of cheese in the salad stood out, as did traversing the flagstone tipped outer walls as our food took an interminable time to arrive.

    I wonder if anyone knows when The Arrow went asunder?

    If so, please share.

    Lovely to be reminded of an institution which unfortunately no longer exists…

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )
    203-434-3576 Mobile

  17. This is the second Lucy replying to this post…I recall the wonderful owner of Nistico’s Arrow, probably Nistico himself who seemed so happy in the kitchen preparing those excellent Italian meals. I recall the wonderful salads we would order and split as a family (a salad for one or two was plenty to split for a family of four as an appetizer). Wonderful memory.

  18. Suzanne Warner Raboy

    On the building across from the playground on the north side of the railroad station.

  19. Alicia Kaye Kronick

    on building near train station corner of Vharles street

  20. How I miss the Arrow and their salad and salad dressing! We ate there once a week.

  21. 21 Charles Street ‼️
    underground parking great views super convenient reasonable rates 👍🏼

  22. Ugly building on north side of the train station

  23. The office building near the Saugatuck train station. Across from the playground and across from Battali’s former restaurant, before they went under. (The restaurant spot was a gas station back in the day.)

  24. The street across from Tarry Lodge on the building

  25. Speaking of ‘Character’, that hideous empty building is a testament to Westport’s character. Ugly and empty. Like the blight of the Tally Lodge and the empty Mystic Market.

    Westport is nothing more nail salons, pizza joints, and a Waffle House.

    • 21 Charles Street is not empty.

    • Actually, “ugly and empty” is likely due to the COVID years.
      Common everywhere, but give it time to revitalize.

    • It’s unfair to both establishments to conflate Waffle House with Westport’s newly opened The Original Pancake House. Interestingly, the former features no locations at all in New England. Don’t forget about Westport’s impressive variety of banking establishments! Westport also used to feature the region’s widest selection of frozen yogurt, but that fad has passed.

  26. the office building near the tran station

  27. Late to the party but it’s no doubt 21 Charles Street soon to be sans sculpture in favor of walls of glass.

  28. 21 Charles St – Robert Sloan owner -several leased businesses occupy the building.

  29. Dan — you replied too soon. The many answers coming in after your post were hilarious!

  30. I think I recall seeing it as a kid, in my parents car, as we exited 17 northbound from NY, so it’s gotta be from 1970’s or earlier. It’s amazing that it’s still on that eyesore of a building!

  31. By the way, didn’t the Arrow close when the Nisticos bought The Red Barn?

  32. 50 years from now, people will be saying “what a beautiful building!”

  33. Howard Potter

    Sculpture on side of 21 Charles st above garage entrance

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