Roundup: Parker Harding, Longshore, Speakeasy …

The Downtown Plan Implementation Committee’s project has begun.

Public Works Department employees assisted town engineers and Langan consultants yesterday, as they dug test pits for the renovation.

Site work downtown. (Photo courtesy of Town of Westport)


Westport’s Parks & Recreation Commission will hold a special meeting next Thursday (March 2, 7:30 p.m., Town Hall).

The one agenda item is the Longshore Capital Improvement Plan.

Longshore Club Park


Looking for a historic speakeasy in Westport, featuring jazz, food, drink and gambling?

Head to the Suzuki Music School in Colonial Green on March 4 (7 p.m.). The basement will be transformed into the type of illicit space F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald knew well from their time here.

The Rich Goldstein Trio and Joe Carter Trio will perform. Tickets ($125) include food and drink, and $25 of (charity) gambling chips. Click here for tickets, and more information.

Proceeds benefit the Suzuki Music Schools, and Westport Museum of History & Culture.

The evening marks the mid-event of the 2023 Connecticut Guitar Festival. Opening night at MoCA Westport (Friday, March 3) features  classical guitarist Rene Izquierdo and  contemporary Guitarist Jordan Dodson.

The Saturday daytime lineup includes education for young and old guitar students at MoCA: master classes, lectures, an open mic and a 3 p.m. showcase concert by the Yale Guitars.

The Guitar Festival ends Sunday at MoCA with a free children’s pillow concert headed by festival artistic director Mak Grgic, and an honors concert of young area students.

Click here for full details of the Connecticut Guitar Festival.


Westport Police report 2 custodial arrests between February 16 and 22.

One followed a report that a family member was acting erratically. During a mental health emergency, a Westport resident swung at officers, causing minor injuries. He was charged with 2 counts of assault on a public safety employee.

The other arrest was for failure to appear.

The Police Department is still unable to report information on traffic and other citations.

One arrest last week was for failure to appear for a court date.


Wheels2U’s on-demand, group ride, door-to-train platform shuttle service is free tomorrow (Friday, February 24).

The normal fee to and from the Westport and Greens Farms stations is $2.

Riders use the Wheels2U Westport app to request a pickup  between 5:45 and 10 a.m., and 4 and 9:30 p.m., for rides between either train platform and their front door. Pickups for trips to the stations should be requested 20 minutes before normally leaving to drive to the station.

For more information about Wheels2U, including how to download the Wheels2U app and book a ride, click here. For more information about the Westport Transit District’s services for the elderly and people with disabilities, click here.



A Westport woman is having a hard time finding a handyman.

The work involves basic repairs, including painting, screens and other things.

She’s not on Facebook (the usual place to search for such things), and has had no luck finding one on her own. If you know of a good handyman — or you are one yourself — click “Comments” below.


Many Westporters are away this week, for the public schools’ winter break.

These guys stuck around, and posed for today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo:

(Photo/Liza Emilio)


And finally … you knew this was coming, right?

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8 responses to “Roundup: Parker Harding, Longshore, Speakeasy …

  1. The town is foolishly removing up to 60 parking spots in Parker Harding and making it no longer a cut through to the post road. Does anyone else think this is a bad idea? is anyone paying attention?

    • This is a bad idea. Historical nickname of Harder Parking is apt. Oh boy, wait until the new configuration exists. Only one way in and out? What about an emergency? Main Street traffic clogged. Alternative to Post Road either Elm Street to Myrtle or find another way, which could involve Kings Highway North to the light at Fort Apache although keeping in mind that intersection, with the eventual construction of the apartment house opposite Fort Apache, will be even worse than it is right now. At that point, your choice is south on Wilton Road to the excruciating PRW-33-Riverside intersection or continuing west on Kings Highway North to the light at PRW. Not sure if anyone is paying attention.

    • Shannon Nordlinger

      I tried looking through the plan- how do they anticipate people getting around down there if they close off PHP, Main Street is one way, and Church Street is closed to traffic? Will everyone coming from that side have to go over Myrtle or 33? Those intersections already stink.

  2. Handyman: Eneas Rocha 914-513-7040

  3. Linda Montecalvo

    Agree. I see again and again Westport has a very strange definition for improvement and an even stranger notion of “progress”.

  4. Handyman: Rob Zuckerman, 203) 260-2082‬
    He is a friend of mine so this is also a personal recommendation.

  5. Handyman: Drew Morrison, 718.938.0678 He lives in Fairfield and has done great work work me. Quality work and he treats your things like his own when in your home. Highly recommend him and he is eminently qualified for the work this woman is looking to have done.

  6. Carol Anne Ances

    I have a fabulous handyman that I’ve used for years. He can do plumbing, electrical work, painting, gutters, repairs of all kinds, big and small. And he totally gutted our bathroom and installed a walk-in shower. Beautiful work.

    Carlos Ocampo
    (203) 892-3687 (Call)

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