Unsung Hero #276

The little plastic thingy housing the cord that makes my blinds go up and down — the “tilt wand” (thanks, Google!) — snapped off.

It’s one of those annoying malfunctions that people from an earlier generation could probably have fixed in an instant, but that I’m helpless to do.

Broken piece.

Clueless about what type of serviceperson to call — I really am helpless — I went to “Angi” (formerly “Angie’s List”). The online service that connects helpless people with the right pro in minutes provided a quick list of folks to call.

The price for their services, they said, ranged from $329 to $481.


Immediately, Angi and a few of the handypersons followed up, by email and text. They were relentless: Did I want them now? Why wasn’t I responding? Didn’t I still want my blinds fixed?


My next move was what I should have done originally: “Westport Front Porch,” on Facebook.

Several people quickly offered the same idea: Stanton Miles.

My previous encounters with the Post Road store had been to buy vacuum cleaner bags. Who knew they did blinds too?

Apparently, everyone. There it was, right on their website (and storefront):  “Vacuum Cleaners/Window Treatments.”

Dave called right back. He asked me to text a photo of the broken piece.

I was in luck. He had it in stock.

Unfortunately, Dave was going in for rotator cuff surgery in a few days.

Fortunately, he said he could stop by the next time he was in my area.

A couple of days later, he did.

He brought the piece. He worked his magic, stringing the string through the thingy. His eyes were open, but I figured he could do it with them closed. (They’re “blinds” — get it?)

We chatted a bit. I learned he started working at Stanton Miles when he was still a student at Roger Ludlowe High School. Now he owns it.

“How much?” I asked when he was finished, a few minutes later.

“20 bucks,” he replied.

“Come on! You deserve more than that,” I said.

“Nope. It was easy. 20 bucks will do it.”

Thanks, Dave. My blinds now work flawlessly.

I hope your shoulder surgery went well. I’ll be back to Stanton Miles for all my vacuum cleaner and window treatment needs.

And the next time I have a question like this, I’ll go to Westport Front Porch — not Angi — first.

The little thing on the upper left now works. Thanks, Dave!

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15 responses to “Unsung Hero #276

  1. Lovely story. Thanks!

  2. Good to know. Not to take away from SM, but in the event you want to buy new shades, I’ve had wonderful experience buying similar shades with no string thingie. They move them up and down and they’re cordless!

  3. I have worked with Dave in the past and bought several vacuum cleaners over the years – he takes customer service to a new level and is pleasant and genuinely helpful!

  4. Stanton Miles is a wonderful old shop that was owned for years by Milt Friedman, husband of Ida Friedman, my 4th grade teacher at Coleytown El. Their son, Ron, worked for my dad for many years in our family biz.

    As an aside, thanks to Google, you can now easily find replacement parts for Hunter Douglas blinds and practically any other brand name home product.

  5. Really glad you posted that and with humor. I wouldn’t have thought of Stanton miles…now I will…thanks

  6. Only recently discover Front Porch. Didn’t know what I’d been missing in the way of a congenial, community forum where people come together with good advice and good will seemingly absent of snide and snarky rhetoric.
    Long live local businesses like Stanton-Miles who provide one-of-a-kind old timey and often irreplaceable services.
    Long may you all —- you Dan, Front Porch and Stanton-Miles thrive.

  7. Stanton Miles is the best. I went in there and thought I needed a new vacuum cleaner; they told me I didn’t it just needed a new cord and a bit of a cleaning. Go recommend them to everyone and go there for all my window and cleaning needs

  8. I love Stanton Miles. They are the best.

  9. When we lived in Westport we had them do custom blinds for the bedrooms and bathrooms. They were great.

  10. Second generation fan of Stanton Miles. I also used them for blinds on a home that I renovated in Fairfield.

  11. I had the same experience with Dave ten years ago. He came that day. No charge, with a smile. I have been using them for blinds ever since. He is a remarkable man. The blind installations are always perfect and fairly priced.

  12. Love Stanton Miles. All my wood blinds were hung/repaired by them, always with patience and a smile at an affordable price. One of the perks of living in Westport!

  13. Ellen Lautenberg

    Love this business – they’re great with vacuum repairs and sales as well as shades. So great to have them as a local business as it saves lots of aggravation.

  14. It’s kind of neat to know so many people took time to share a small miracle of “good news”.

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