Friday Flashback #335

Nearly 15 years after his death — thanks to a new TV series and book — Paul Newman lives on.

I’m not sure where this came from. But it’s a reminder that — as world-famous as he was — the actor/director/race car driver/philanthropist was, at his heart, just our neighbor.

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  1. yes and that’s his volvo in the background. We all knew it!

  2. Never without St Pauli Girl

  3. Circa 1981? Sad. His son overdosed in ‘78. Oh well.

  4. Definitely was one of Westports great, accomplished and colorful residents

    Talented too! Look carefully and youvwill see he could carry 4 beers at one time!

  5. Excuse my spelling Mr. Newman!

  6. Fun fact regarding what an awesome individual Paul Newman was: Mid 80’s I think, and a plan was hatched (probably at Marios) of a benefit softball game between the Westport Police Dept. and Westport Fire Dept. the charity being Newman’s camp. Tickets were sold, hat passed, and it was hugely successful. The starting lineup for the PD included Meatloaf pitching, Don Imus catching, Robert Redford at short and Paul Newman at 2nd base. Not too shabby. Good old days for sure.

    • David J. Loffredo

      That crew would want nothing to do with 2023 Westport….

      Jack Klugman used to sit in the stands and watch our Little League games – really was a different time.

  7. Classic!!! Barefoot!! Love this photo and St Paulie Girls too!

  8. What is the TV show? Always looking for something new.

  9. Eva Sereny took a series of shots, including this one, for the Sunday Times Magazine. And no, she is not from Westport CT.

    Noted attribution would have been expected.

    • Tristan, I always provide photo credit, when I know the photographer. This came to me without photo credit. That can happen to an image that is 40 years old. I’ve added the photo credit in.

      Have a nice day.

  10. That whole family were good friends for many years,

  11. Indeed, once upon a time in the Wonder Years of Westport, celebrities used to mingle without fanfare in this town. Now they are all gone. Hiding from the “selfie’ driven new breed of annoying Westporters to the woods of Weston.

  12. “Expectations create reality.”
    I’ve lived here since 1963, (60 years now), and I continue to see Westport as a wonderful place to live. My guess is, given a chance, Meatloaf, Don Imus, Paul Newman, & Jack Klugman would all still agree. Look for the good and you’ll find it…

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