Unsung Hero #275

Very grateful reader Ellin Spadone writes:

Two weeks ago, I lost a ring while doing errands in Westport. It was insured, but its value to me was more sentimental than monetary.

After efforts to find it failed, I was about to be resigned to the loss. Then I realized I had overlooked the lost-and-found at Fresh Market, near where I might have lost it.

To the mutual delight of the manager and myself, the ring was safe and sound in their keeping.

It had been found in their parking lot. It’s amazing to me it had not been run over or stepped on, and was even noticed in such a busy area on a cold winter day.

To whoever found it, I offer my gratitude and respect for your sensitivity and integrity. It was kind indeed to take the time to put it into safekeeping.

I hope that you read :06880,” and know that your kind action made this a mini- miracle for me.

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2 responses to “Unsung Hero #275

  1. You are a kind person to take time to post an unsung hero story. I hope the one who found your ring and turned it in so you could claim it. How many others would be relieved to have it back, then leave it at that? May it inspire other lucky souls as fortunate as you to thank those who chose not to keep lost items.

  2. I’m so happy you got your ring back Ellin. This is a wonderful story

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