Roundup: Lomito, Shirah Sklar, North Avenue …

Lomito — Westport’s first-ever Peruvian restaurant — is open. It replaces the Chinese Takeout place (yes, that was it’s name) where Franklin Street meets Saugatuck Avenue.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Lomito is bright, fresh, and the menu — including saltados (stir-fry), chaufas (fried rice), bowls and more — is mouth-watering. Click here to see.

Two of Lomito’s many dishes. (Photo/Dinkin Fotografix)

Welcome to Westport!


This will be a big weekend at Temple Shalom.

The Norwalk synagogue — which includes many Westporters — celebrates the installation of Rabbi Cantor Shirah Lipson Sklar to Senior Rabbi. She succeeds her father, Rabbi Cantor Mark Lipson, and is Temple Shalom’s first female spiritual leader.

Sklar — a Staples High School graduate — has served Temple Shalom as cantor since her ordination in 2005. At Staples she sang in the elite Orphenians under the direction of her mother, Alice Lipson.

She and her husband, Rabbi Cantor Dan Sklar, live in Westport with their 3 sons.

The installation takes place at Friday evening services (February 10, 7 p.m.). Special musical guests include the folk/Americana/bluegrass band Nefesh Mountain.

The celebration continue on Saturday (February 11, 5 p.m.), with a special wine and cheese reception, followed by a concert by Nefesh Mountain.

The Friday night installation service is free and open to the public (RSVP: 203- 866-0148). Tickets to Saturday’s Nefesh Mountain concert are $36 (children 12 and under free). Click here to purchase. (Hat tip: Martin Gitlin)

Rabbi Cantor Shirah Sklar


On Friday, “06880” posted Carl Swanson’s plea to drivers to slow down on North Avenue.

The next morning — 8 a.m. on Saturday — a college student driving an SUV southbound on that road plowed onto the sidewalk and obliterated 3 mailboxes anchored next to each other, just south of Cross Highway.

Neighbor Ed Paul notes: “The accident occurred about 50 yards from a stop sign. The car had to accelerate very quickly to cause such destruction.

North Avenue mailboxes before (courtesy of Google Earth) and afterward (photo/Ed Paul).

“North Avenue is frequently used by bikers, joggers, walkers with strollers, students, dog walkers and more, on the shoulders and sidewalk.

“If you’re out enjoying the day on one of our beautiful streets, don’t get so absorbed in your phone call, music or podcast to not be aware of what’s going on around you. Unfortunately, going out for a walk is not a guaranteed safe activity.”


On a more positive note: Site by site, citizens are cleaning up Westport.

The almost-weekly pick-ups — organized by RTM member Andrew Colabella, and open to everyone — continued this weekend, at the Imperial Avenue parking lot.

Interested in helping? Email

Cleaning up on Imperial Avenue (from left): Diane Wildman, Mayo and Karin Smith, Julie Whamond, Alice Stratton, Rob Grodman. Not pictured: Tracy Carothers, Nancy Kail, Paul Conti. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)


Nile Rodgers has won 4 Grammy awards.

Our longtime (though soon-to-be-former) neighbor was on stage in Los Angeles again last night — but as a stand-in, to accept Beyoncé’s 29th.

The singer/songwriter had not yet arrived, 40 minutes into the event, when she was announced as the winner for Best R&B Song.

Her longtime collaborator, The-Dream, stepped in, and gave a brief speech that included the n-word (though it was censored by CBS).

Let Yahoo take it from there:

Fortunately, the legendary Nile Rodgers — a joint winner for “Cuff It,” due to his additional writing credit on the song — was on hand, and (host Trevor) Noah practically begged the renowned musician and producer to emerge from the stage wings and give a more eloquent speech. “Nile, please say something before we go. Please say something. The legend, ladies and gentlemen!”

While Rodgers presumably didn’t have any speech prepared, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winner was as articulate as ever. And the anecdote he shared demonstrated that he is always skilled when it comes to reacting in the moment, on the spot.

Click here for the full story. (Hat tip: Patti Brill)


Native Westporter — and former owner of the Arrow and Red Barn restaurants — Virginia Pianka Nistico died Saturday at Bridgeport Hospital, following a brief illness. She was 95.

As an owner of 2 of Westport’s most popular restaurants, she dedicated her life to working with her family, children and grandchildren. She spending time with patrons, and the young employees who passed through over many years.

In her free time Virginia enjoyed vacationing in Florida, first in Hollywood and then Naples. having great times with her brother Ben.

She is survived by her children Frank Nistico, Thomas Nistico, Sr. (Joan), Louis Nistico (Dee), Pamela Nistico, Richard Nistico (Cindy), and daughter-in-law Sue Nistico; 17 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren. and many nieces and nephews.

Virginia was predeceased by her son John Nistico, brother Bernard Pianka, sister Philomena Bachman and daughter-in-law Janet Nistico.

The family will receive friends and family at Collins Funeral Home (92 East Avenue, Norwalk) on Wednesday (February 8, 4 to 7 p.m.). The funeral Mass will be held Thursday (February 9, 10 a.m., Church of the Assumption). Burial will follow at Assumption Greens Farms Cemetery.

Virginia Nistico


On Saturday — the coldest day of the year — Wendy Levy’s first indoor passionfruit flower bloomed.

Her photo is a very colorful and truly inspiring way to start our “Westport … Naturally” week!

(Photo/Wendy Levy)


And finally … in honor of Lomito, Westport’s newest restaurant, here is the only Peruvian song I know:

 (From the newest restaurants, to mentions of old favorites like the Arrow and Red Barn [see stories above], “06880” has Westport covered. Please click here to support your hyper-local blog. Thank you!)


15 responses to “Roundup: Lomito, Shirah Sklar, North Avenue …

  1. I still can’t think of any solution to irresponsible drivers on North Ave. other than speed bumps from Long Lots to Cross Highway.
    These work on Kings Highway South. The dangerous drivers don’t respect stop signs or speed limits. What is Town Hall’s resistance to taking action to protecting pedestrians and other drives ? This is a school zone, doesn’t that mean anything!?!?

  2. My condolences to the Nistico Family. Virginia was a fine lady that I knew all my life.

  3. On a positive note on North Avenue, someone has partially dismantled the non-working radar detector at the 100 block of North of which has not worked for 72 days. It should be remembered, however, according to a 2015 PA study, these type of detectors only slow down cars from 1%-11% mph,. That will not curtail the speed of certain cars now on North. Where are the police patrols as promised? We have spotters, now, looking for them. Where art thou?

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Looks suspiciously like a case of “Analysis Paralysis” on the part of Westport’s Finest. Tell Chief Foti to sell the trendy electric squad car, back off on the “look at us give away little used/unneeded excess stuff to Lyman” photo-ops and get the troops out writing tickets. “Kick Ass!!! Take Names!!!” Or be defunded. Nothing strikes fear into a reckless driver like getting your insurance cancelled because of one too many a speeding ticket.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      The PD is pretty good at enforcement, but there’s only so many of them on duty and there are already officers directing traffic in the mornings at the MS and HS on North Ave. There’s just too many drivers across too many town roads for them to cover the entire town at any given moment.
      Also, while I have no love for Teslas, the electric vehicles in the fleet are forecast to have a total cost of ownership over it’s lifetime usage that is lower than traditional combustion engine squad vehicles. As a taxpayer in town, you should appreciate the department looking to spend it’s budget in a fiscally responsible way, allowing it to do more with less. Dan is pretty good about keeping his finger on the changes we see in town operations, and has written about the topic before. I’m sure if you wanted to schedule a meeting with the department, they’d be happy to find someone to help you understand their long term strategy. It might be more satisfying and elucidating than speculation on a local site.

      • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

        Your points are all well taken/stated and I will do so. However, there is basic law enforcement blocking and tackling that isn’t getting done here and a show of force on the part of police officers doing their job (because the chief of police recognized the problem and directed them to do theirs) would send a very strong message that may carry over to other situations in local state and federal leadership where politics and pragmatism clash. This situation isn’t unique to Westport but IMO Westport has little excuse for tolerating what is putting lives and livelihoods at risk. As a Westport football coach once said: “Do your job or find a job.” And with that, I’m done!!!

  5. Numerous speed bumps are much needed on N/Ave .. We’ll never see it happen due to they would Slow Down Emergency Vehicles , in route of the Schools .. However how about this idea ? Install several flashing speed signs , that have license plate readers !! Then send the vehicle owner a Huge Fine when they are caught on Camera … The fine should be at least $150.00 for the first offense … Another thing that I’ve notices lately , is the Lack of our local P/D running any Radar Traps ?? Perhaps they are too busy with other matters … I’m not knocking our wonderful P/D department either …

  6. My Deepest Condolences to the Nistico Family .. Virginia was a Wonderful Woman , with a Heart of Gold … She always made me feel like I was a Family Member , who always asked me if I wanted something to eat , after I did a little bit of Handyman type work at the R/Barn , or at her Home .. She always attempted to fix broken items , with string of scotch tape as I recall , yet she made the attempt … I will be at her Services held at Collins Funeral Home … I’m sure she’ll have a Huge Turnout ..
    Rip Virgina “”

  7. Last I heard, Nile took his house off the market and for the near future will be staying.

  8. Carl Addison Swanson, SHS '66

    Since I have been attempting to get something done on North Avenue for years, I offer the following. With four (4) schools on the town road, North Avenue should no longer be a thoroughfare for commuters and contractors. Place four (4) stop lights along North Avenue, focusing on Cross Highway south to slow down traffic and perhaps deter it? The overhead lights can be timed as to peek times to slow everything down and then blinking yellow lights at night to allow faster speeds. The estimated cost? 4 X $50,000 or the same amount the Finance Committee authorized of our tax money to go for a “study” for two intersections which seem irrelevant to the serious issue at hand. Mail boxes, biker riders, dog walkers, baby strollers . . . yes you are in jeopardy if traveling on the super nice sidewalk on North Avenue.

  9. I will add that when I arrived home that afternoon and saw all the wreckage of broken posts, bent mailboxes, and car bumper parts on the sidewalk and yard I called the PD to report it. I was told that since no one was obviously hurt at the scene and there was no disabled car abandoned, no police visit/report would occur.

  10. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    What seems to be the problem the WPD has developed with law enforcement? We don’t need speed bumps. We just need cops that enforce the law. At one point in time the WPD was mostly if not totally comprised of officers who grew up in Westport. Of course that was before the economics of greed forced the town to hire out of towners as cops and the cops who lived in town retired. I remember getting my first speeding ticket when I was 16 (it was on Wilton Rd) the officer said to me when I pleaded for a break: “I have to write this ticket I went to school with your mother and she’ll kill me if I let you off.” Case closed. Maybe if they name a children’s playground in Saugatuck after Foti Koskinas or Jen Tooker they’ll get serious about protecting Westport’s kids, especially on North Avenue where all the closest kids walk to school and all the other kids ride on school buses. A dead child is a dead child whether from a Russian invader in Ukraine or a self entitled overly privileged Westporter on North Avenue. When you’ve proven you can make your home town safe for its children you can then meddle in Lyman’s affairs with a morally legitimate authority.

  11. My condolences to the Nistico family! Her husband, Frank, graduated from Staples, in 1936, with my father! I remember her very well.

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