Friday Flashback #333

Recent Friday Flashback aerial photos have inspired photographers to send in their own bird’s-eye shots.

This one comes from Carmine Picarello, from — he believes — the 1960s.

(Photo/Carmine Picarello)

Looking west (top), it shows what we now call the William F. Cribari Bridge (then it was “the Bridge Street Bridge”) at the bottom left, with a great view of old Saugatuck.

The Gault oil tanks are at the far left, in the middle of the frame.

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12 responses to “Friday Flashback #333

  1. I don’t see railroad?

  2. shouldn’t we be able to see the railroad station?

  3. Where are the train tracks and the railroad bridge?

  4. Daniel Guilfoile

    in the top left corner is the beginning of the lower train station parking lot so the station and tracks are to the left of the margin of the photo

  5. Boccanfuso’s garage is still in place at corner of Bridge and Riverside. No right turn lane yet either. Imperial Landing does not yet exist. Hey Dan, Am I crazy or did you at one time have a feature where if you clicked on a photo it expanded it?

    • The feature still works, though each browser treats it differently. This one expands only slightly — it only expands if the original is larger than what I post. The original in this case was just a tiny bit bigger.

  6. It’s amazing how different things can look from the air. Sunrise Road in this view looks like a major highway while Treadwell Ave. seems narrower. And we always see more trees in aerial views because we’re more used to seeing everything under them.

  7. Seth Van Beever

    The gas station was still between the Bride St bridge and the Mansion Clam House. The tennis court building on Saugatuck Ave (now the Goddard School?, previously Fast Stop Food Mart) was not built yet.


    No Saugatuck Rowing Club

  9. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    When we moved to Westport in 1952 we rented a red house that was situated at the bottom right end of the bridge. You may be able to see a roof in the trees. That house is long gone now.

  10. I assume this is a weekday because the commuter parking lot across from the Arrow looks packed. And, judging by the shadows and the greenery, it seems to be midday during a warmer time of the year. And this leads me to: the Arrow parking lot looks relatively empty. So, did it not do a big weekday lunchtime business back in the day? If so, I guess that wouldn’t surprise me because it was a family-oriented restaurant that I imagine had its busiest time on weekends and at dinner time during the week.

    • Good eye Fred. But The Arrow actually did a monstrous lunch and then would stay busy for the rest of the day. Perhaps the pic was mid morning..

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