Unsung Hero #273

Among his many activities, Ken Bernhard is a member of Westport’s Downtown Plan Implementation Committee. He’s a great volunteer himself. But this week he nominates a fellow member as Unsung Hero.

Ken writes:

On behalf of the entire Downtown Plan Implementation Committee, I propose Randy Herbertson as the newest member of Westport’s cadre of Unsung Heroes.

The committee, consisting of department heads, merchants, property owners and local citizens, oversees the implementation of Westport’s master plan to improve the downtown area.

Working behind the scenes, Randy brings his marketing and branding skills to bear on creating consensus and producing results. He is always exceptionally prepared and knowledgeable.

All of us on the Committee concur that Randy is an effective, strong, and engaged chair, spending countless hours volunteering his professional services.

Randy Herbertson

The results of his work over the past few years are evident and momentous. The appearance of our downtown is demonstrably improved, the Baldwin parking is a model of good planning, and we are taking major steps for the complete overall of Parking Harding.

Next will be Jesup Green and then the Imperial Avenue parking lot. His yet-to-be fully and publicly appreciated efforts are altering and improving our town in numerous ways.

“Randy gives so much to this town and asks for nothing in return, making him a true unsung hero,” says Westport Downtown Association president Maxx Crowley — a position Randy previously held.

“He has done an incredible job mixing his creative background and passion for Westport, which will ultimately lead to a new and beautiful downtown,” said local businessman Maxwell Crowley.

Mary Young, Westport’s Planning and Zoning director, adds, “Randy is a visionary who unleashes the untapped potential of Westport’s downtown. He has the patience of a saint, and is willing to wade through the bureaucracy of securing local and state approvals. His energy is infectious. Randy Herbertson is a jewel and should be treasured.”

“Randy is most definitely an unsung hero, helping Westport become an even more wonderful and beautiful place in which to live. He is doing a great job leading the committee. My hat is off to him. He has earned our gratitude,” says Tony Riggio, past president of Westport Rotary and team leader with Builders Beyond Borders.

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6 responses to “Unsung Hero #273

  1. Melissa Crouch Chang

    Thank you, Randy!!

  2. Deirdre O'Farrelly, archhitect

    So many great improvements with co operation and consensus,
    Thank you,

  3. Jacqui Bidgood

    Absolutely yes! Randy loves our town and he gets things done! Long overdue accolade – thank you for nominating him!

  4. I have conveyed my strong support of the work that Randy has done and is doing respecting the Downtown Plan Implementation Committee to many people, including Randy. Ken’s thoughts are well directed.

  5. Dear Dan,
    I have been a member of the Board of Governors of the Westport Downtown Merchants Association for over 35 years, and am the longest serving member of the Board. We have had a number of very good and excellent Presidents of the Board during my tenure. I can unequivocally say that Randy Hebertson was exceptional in his position as President and dramatically transformed the organization for the better in numerous ways. His vision, organizational abilities, leadership, creativity, communication skills, and hands on follow through were extraordinary during his long tenure as President. I have been in awe of his efforts on the Town’s behalf. I highly endorse his nomination for Unsung Hero as his efforts have made Westport a better place to live, work, visit and shop. Thank you Randy!

    Roger Leifer

  6. Thank you Randy we are so lucky to have you in this role!