Physical Therapy With A Twist

Westport is awash in banks and nail salons.

We’ve got plenty of physical therapists too.

Saul Zion knows them, and likes them. In fact, he wishes we had more. “Lots of people need physical therapy,” he notes.

But his own practice — at 1555 Post Road East, next to Sherpa — is different from others. Zion Physical Therapy is the only one, he says, offering pelvic floor therapy.

Those exercises help women after giving birth, and men after prostate surgery (as well as those with erectile dysfunction).

Saul Zion and Josh Jordan: Zion Physical Therapy’s PTs.

In France, Zion says, the government actually subsidizes post-partum pelvic floor therapy.

But this is the US. His practice is out of network. So he worka with patients, helping ease the strains of billing that may keep them from seeking the physical therapy they need.

Zion also treats rare diseases like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, post-COVID syndrome, and regular sports injuries.

That he’s doing it in Westport — along with his already established locations in Manhattan and Jersey City — relates back to COVID.

The Great Neck native earned a doctor of physical therapy degree from the University of Buffalo. He established his own practices in New York, worked with doctors from the Hospital for Special Surgery, and did home visits.

In July of 2020, as the pandemic raged, his friend Matt Levey — the entrepreneur who brought Field Trip beef jerky to Westport — encouraged Zion and his family to move here.

They expected to return to the city. But they loved everything about the town — restaurants, new friends, the lifestyle — and bought a house. “We’re settled here now,” Zion says.

Timing was everything. Gyms were closed, but as an essential worker — and with landlords desperate to rent space — he found a spot inside Sherpa.

Welcome to Zion Physical Therapy …

The running, cycling and triathlon personal training center was a synergistic fit. (And because Zion and his wife have done Ironman competitions, he feels connected to that world.)

Now he’s taken 500 square feet next door.

Zion Physical Therapy has 2 private rooms, and a small gym area. A door connects them with Sherpa. Zion’s patients can use their equipment; he  screens Sherpa’s clients for issues, and treats them as needed.

“Zion” was the Jerusalem hill upon which the city of David was built. This Zion — Saul — spent plenty of time in Israel. He even lived on a kibbutz.

He loves the falafel markets of Jerusalem, and befriended many Arab owners. (Having Layla’s a couple of doors away is a fantastic bonus.)

Social justice is a strong part of his identity. He knows that physical therapy can be expensive, and offers discounts as needed.

This is not France. But it is Zion.

… and a look inside.

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  1. Hello! Our company, Indigo Wellness Group, offers pelvic floor PT (and much more) off Riverside Ave:

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    I was going to Marigny for my male PVT. Westport is much more convenient. Thanks for the heads-up!!!

  3. Lots of local PT’s offer pelvic floor therapy…

  4. I know and have gone to Saul Zion. He is a professional and dedicated therapist whom I highly recommend.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. We were not aware of other facilities that offer pelvic floor therapy, particularly for treatment by a male physical therapist for men’s health. Glad to know that there are more options available for this important need in our community.

  6. Happy to know that Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is becoming more accessible. I live in Westport, and formerly had my practice on Franklin Avenue in Saugatuck (opened in 2006) and since 2014 have been on East Avenue in Norwalk. We treat male pelvic pain as well. With pelvic floor dysfunction affecting 1:3 persons it’s okay to know there are others who can offer help. Welcome to our town!

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