Unsung Heroes #271

When the post office moved from its big, handsome and very functional Post Road building — now Design Within Reach — in 2012, many Westporters predicted that the new space would be cramped, and service would suffer.

They were right about the first part.

And wrong about the second.

There’s not much space to move inside. Don’t get me started about the parking.

But our US Postal Service employees are as great as ever.

Patiently, they answer the same questions over and over.

Helpfully, they offer the least expensive solutions.

Magically, they find whatever supplies they need, to make your (okay, my) poor packing skills work safely and securely.

It can’t be easy working in the Westport post office today. There are constant lines. There’s little room to maneuver. Customers are not always — how can I say this politely? — polite.

But the men and women behind the counter never complain.

They do their job every day, through snow, rain, heat, and everything else. I’ve never seen them without a helpful smile, or kind word.

“06880” has given shout-outs to our mail carriers before. This week, our Unsung Heroes are all the people toiling at the Westport Post Office. Thank you all!

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8 responses to “Unsung Heroes #271

  1. I agree! They are always helpful and go the extra mile to answer questions. Thanks for doing this call out for them.

  2. Robert M Gerrity

    Where I used to live (Acton, Mass. located between 128 and 495, abutting Concord), USPS regional administrators & DC made a decision circa 1992 to move from the CRAMPED space (just like as pictured here in Westport) at Rte 2 intersection to an ULTRA LARGE new construction a mile NE, just off Acton’s Main Street (Rte 26). Huge amount of parking, planned supersized USPS truck parking lot to boot, so land to expand on. It went from TINY to LARGE. (They also executed a program to hire multi-lingual staff, including Mandarin speakers, an under-rated customer service for a still burgeoning high-tech suburb.)

    But Westport DOWNSIZED? Glad I missed that to&fro!

    Fond memories of the old post office vestibule with Dad and later dropping off business mailing pieces at the rear dock. See the Steve Dohanos-lite USPS 8 cent FC stamps from the early 1970s that used office and town scenes. (Dohanos was on the art selection committee at the time, they were drawn by another artist.)

    Now if USPS ever decided to sell the Concord PO on Walden Street (an anchor for the immediate 4 surrounding block where no parking is much available–even in the winter and as to the summer: Ha!), there might be an outright Revolution.

  3. India van Voorhees

    I don’t understand why more people don’t use the Greens Farms post office. The longest line I’ve ever encountered was 3 people, of which I was one. The 2 employees there are terrific. Parking isn’t a problem. In and out in minutes. Best kept secret in Westport, I guess.

  4. Claudia Sherwood

    Yes, Dan. How comforting it was during the holidays not to be snapped at! The postal workers were kind and efficient despite long lines of people with many packages during the holidays. I offer my gratitude to them for their patience.

  5. Dan,
    Your timing for this post is uncanny. I went to the Westport Post office yesterday afternoon and was amazed to see a line of about 2 dozen customers extending almost to the entrance. Hard for anyone to remain cheerful under those circumstances — patrons or employees. I immediately wondered if the local postal workers had been featured in your “Heroes” column recently.
    After a lovely drive along the Gold Coast, less than 10 minutes later I arrived at the Greens Farms Post Office. There was just one person in line, so I was finished and on my way out in minutes.
    I’ve also visited the Weston P.O. in similar circumstances.
    During the height of the pandemic I relied upon the USPS website for a variety of tasks including arranging for my carrier to pick up outgoing Priority and other similar types of mail.
    Sometimes life can be what we make it.

  6. Totally agree!

  7. Travis Rew-Porter

    I have never waited more than 5 minutes at the post office, even during the holidays. The service has aways been great. I will take that any day over the hours I’ve waited in lines at the Post Office when I lived in NY or San Francisco!

  8. It’s great to see the supportive comments about the Greens Farms Post office. Yes the staff is AWESOME, and to a certain extent it is a best kept secret. Please note that over the years there have been two attempts to close it down and the Greens Farms Association lobbied to keep it open. So if it happens again we’ll be here to defend this wonderful asset.
    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

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