Photo Challenge #420

I could write a column about columns.

There are plenty, all around town. They’re at the old Westport Public Library, on the Post Road/Main Street corner; the old Bedford Elementary School (now Town Hall); the old Staples High School on Riverside Avenue (now Saugatuck Elementary), and the old Town Hall on the Post Road (now Don Memo).

But == despite all those guesses — none of those columns was the subject of last week’s Photo Challenge.

The image taken by Lynn Untermeyer Miller showed an ornate one at … Patagonia. (Click here to see.)

No, the popular clothing retailer has not suddenly gotten 19th-century architecture-conscious.

For decades, the building was home to the Westport Bank & Trust Company.

It was small and local — “a hometown bank in a town of homes,” the tagline went — but like banks everywhere, it portrayed an image of solidness and stability.

Columns helped do that.

Congratulations to Shirlee Gordon — the lone “06880” reader to correctly identify the challenge.

She’s the star of this column.

Today’s Photo Challenge also comes from Lynn Untermeyer Miller. If you know where she shot this bucolic walking path, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)


19 responses to “Photo Challenge #420

  1. Exit road from Longshore?

  2. The loop at the dog park closest to the Post Rd.

  3. Parking lot at Temples Israel

  4. Peggy O’Halloran

    Taylor Marsh/Canal Green at intersection of Canal Street and Kings Highway N? (Not sure of the correct name)

  5. Sherwood Island?

  6. No one yet has the correct answer. I thought it was easy! Keep guessing.

  7. Longshore?

  8. Entrance way from compo road in Winslow Park that leads to asphalt round a bout

  9. Nature preserve going towards Weston?

  10. Alicia Kaye Kronick

    new Riverside park

  11. It’s the path behind Bedford Middle School. The view is from the Wakeman athletic fields, looking toward Staples.

  12. Well done, Jen! You are the only person so far to get this right. It is indeed the path behind Bedford Middle School, from the Wakeman fields toward Staples football field and pool.

  13. Linda Vita Velez

    11th hole at Longshore

  14. Sherwood Island State Park.

  15. Looks like behind Bedford Middle School! Did a good amount of P.E. classes in high school that involved walking or skateboarding back there. Lovely area!

  16. I don’t think it’s a fair picture. There are so many paths that look like that in Westport. When you’re walking and enjoying nature you don’t study exactly where you are.
    It’s sort of saying I’ll meet you near the trees

  17. the rear exit from Greens Farms Academy

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