“Westport … What’s Happening”: Jen Tooker, Foti Koskinas And Lyman

Today’s “Westport … What’s Happening” podcast is special.

1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker and Police Chief Foti Koskinas talk passionately about Westport’s new sister city: Lyman, Ukraine.

They provide background information on the war-torn town; describe the logistics of our humanitarian aid; note the close ties our chief has developed with his security counterparts in Lyman, and emphasize the importance of our relationship — not just for delivering crucially needed goods and materials, but for morale too.

Tooker and Koskinas also note that our sister city partnership has only just begun. Students, and many other townspeople, will be involved in a variety of projects in the weeks and months ahead.

“Westport … What’s Happening” is produced by the Y’s Men of Westport and Weston. Click below to see:


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