Roundup: Town Clean-up, Malloy Arts Lecture …

Two years ago, several residents met at Longshore to pick up trash.

They started at the lower parking lot by the Saugatuck River, and worked all the way to the end of the exit at Compo Road South.

Since then, they met almost every weekend — weather permitting — heading into spring. There was always an area of town that needed cleaning.

Yesterday morning, they got together for the first time since late spring. Their target: the Greens Farms train station.

Thanks go to the group for their quiet, steady and very important work: Andrew Colabella, Skip and Kathleen Fazio, Brendan and Laura Mulcahy and their sons Declan and Finn, Ifeseyi Gayle, Matt Almansi and Lili Tucker. Other regulars include Deej and Deborah Webb.

Tons of trash at the train station.


Reservations are open for next month’s Westport Library Malloy Lecture in the Arts guest speaker.

Richard Butler takes the stage on February 28 (7 p.m., Trefz Forum and Zoom). The British painter and musician is best known as the singer and founder of the Psychedelic Furs. He created the artwork for their early gigs, and had a strong influence on the album art and visual presentation of the band.

After the band took a hiatus in the early 90s, he returned to his first love. He’s since found a balance between art and music. Butler released a solo album in 2006, and in 2020 put out the first new Psychedelic Furs album in nearly 30 years.

Meanwhile, his paintings have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Berlin and throughout the world.

Butler will be joined in conversation with Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club drummer Chris Frantz, an area resident and longtime Library supporter.  In 2020 he released a new book, “Remain In Love.”

Click here for reserved seating. There will also be a livestream of the show, and a recording will be available for viewing afterward.

Click here for more information. A second Malloy Lecture in the Arts will be announced later this year.

Richard Butler


Jo Shields describes today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo:

“I think it’s only a wolf moon when it is full. This one is a waning gibbous so we are past full, but it is spectacular nonetheless.

“A few cars have come and gone at Compo Beach to catch pictures too, on this very chilly (Sunday) night. One car’s headlights illuminated the sand. I liked it, and click!”

(Photo/Jo Shields)


And finally … in honor of the great clean-up job being done all around town, by concerned citizens (see story above):

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  1. The clean up brigade is super. Thanks. In truth, it is pretty easy to bend over and pick up trash as we all walk about our beautiful town. For those with dogs, we already have our bags. For those without, there are usually nearby trash containers. In Westport, the trash exists, but it is still modest, a fact that causes the efforts of citizens to make a big difference.

  2. I love the town clean up! What an amazing initiative.
    Do they post anywhere about where they’re planning to clean, I’d love to get my family involved. Also, in case a suggestion is needed – like many people in town we use the exit 41 Park and Ride, and the lot could definitely use a clean up.

  3. Hats off to these volunteers for their efforts to keep our community clean. That said, where are our people from the department of public works?…You know, the folks who get paid to do this??

    • Rich- our DPW does an amazing job in town always. They show up and assist in removing everything we collect- it is a collaborative effort which is awesome!

  4. Andrew Colabella

    To everyone who IS interested in participating in our town clean ups…

    They’re every weekend (pending weather)

    Our group will get emails or calls from residents OR we go to the normal hot spot areas of traffic.

    Our Next one is January 15th 11AM Sherwood Island Connector.

    Bring gloves, trash bags and shoes/boots you’re not afraid to muddy up.

  5. Such a pity that people feel free to throw their trash everywhere and not dispose of it in a proper receptacle. Litterbugs!

  6. Andrew Colabella

    I’d also like to reiterate on a separate note:

    1. Our public works department has been extremely responsive to my areas I see that need to be cleaned up immediately and cannot wait until the weekend.

    2. Our Parks and Recreation Department, specifically Ed Frawley’s Maintanence Department has picked up garbage in EVERY area where a pick has done and disposed of it properly, while doing their own picks too.

    Shoutout to David Wilcox and Nick Rosa of the Maintanence Division for removing the garbage after I called and scheduled a pick up!

    You may not seem them doing it but I, and many others have.

    3. Our town is extremely proactive, because of our residents. If you see trash, pull over and pick it up! Keep garbage bag under your seat or in the cargo/trunk area of your vehicle.

    If you’re new to town, welcome! Join us and get involved, be proactive, get great exercise, meet new and longtime residents, socialize and clean up!

  7. Heather Williams

    Thank you Andrew, and to all for making a difference. Ive been a litter picker for years and wondered if people just took the time to do a little as well, what a better place we would be in. One of the hot spots in town is Hendricks point at Longshore, most of it from the parking lot, the litter from the river, and unfortunately fishermen that dispose of their line and other items. The Shellfish Commission does a twice a year cleanup there and at Canal Beach, but sadly it’s not enough and wildlife, specifically birds suffer by entaglement. Glad to know there are more of us out there than I thought and that people care!

    • Heather- thanks for helping clean up our beautiful shoreline. We did a major clean-up at Longshore- our inaugural clean-up! The trash on the shoreline is my focus and always needed. The marshes seem to get much of the trash after storms- very concerning for the wildlife

  8. Them trash chasers should hold the “Unsung Hero” spot for the whole of 2023.
    Thanks to you all!

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