Photo Challenge #419

Dozens of AEDs — automated external defibrillators — are posted throughout town. They’re in schools and public buildings, and at athletic fields and parks.

Several of the life-saving devices are at Compo Beach. Last week’s Photo Challenge showed the one on the side of the Westport Police Marine Unit office at Ned Dimes Marina. (Click here to see.)

It’s a good idea to notice them. You never know when someone will have a cardiac emergency. AEDs are simple to use; turn one on, and an automated voice provides easy, step-by-step instructions to shock a heart back to rhythm.

The marina device was in a locked case (though it was open). There were several “06880” comments about the wisdom of a lock — and others about the danger of keeping AEDs outside in the cold winter months.

(Interesting side note: The Westport Police Department manages and maintains the AEDs in public locations like the beach, Longshore and Town Hall — even though they were donated by individuals, and Norwalk Hospital. Westport Public Schools take care of those that are in their buildings.)

Michael Calise, Dan Vener, Matt Murray, Andrew Colabella and Beth Berkowitz all knew exactly where the AED in the Photo Challenge was located.

Now you do too. Here’s hoping you never need it.

On to this week’s Photo Challenge. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click Comments below.

(Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)


16 responses to “Photo Challenge #419

  1. Top of a column on the “old” library on the Post Rd downtown.

  2. Corinthian column but dk where.

  3. Vanessa Bradford

    Library building on Main Street

  4. Of course! Columns at Town Hall!

  5. Of course!!! Town Hall.

  6. Must be an echo.

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Old Town Hall Columns now Don Memo

  8. Don Memo!

  9. Old library

  10. Pantagonia

  11. Old Bedford Elementary school now Westport town hall. They are getting rehab as we speak.

  12. Old Library

  13. I would have guessed the old library on the Post Road too. But it is … Patagonia! Well done, Shirlee.

  14. I was thinking the old Bedford Jr. High on Riverside

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