Scenes From A Storm

The “bomb cyclone”/”once in a generation” pre-holiday storm delivered its first part as promised early this morning.

As of 8 a.m., 685 out of Eversource’s 12,678 customers were without power. That’s 5.4% of the town.

Weston reported 370 outages — 9.5% of 3,896 customers.

Statewide, Eversource reported 97,835 customers without power. That’s 7.55% of Connecticut.

Winds have momentarily died slightly. Rain has stopped. though it may start again around noon.

Next up: The temperature — about 53 now — will begin falling sharply in mid-afternoon. By 6 p.m. it will be 25; tomorrow at dawn, just 11 degrees.

Matt Murray has sent in two early scenes.

On Hillspoint Road, the eyesore that is the halted residential construction of the former Positano restaurant got even eyesore-ier, when the wind tore some of its blue siding.

Just a few yards away, 2 folks took advantage of the warm air for a dip at Old Mill Beach.

Let’s see if they’re there tomorrow.

(Photos/Matt Murray)


2 responses to “Scenes From A Storm

  1. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70 (had my mouth washed out with soap by Mr. Ready in ‘61)

    When are they going to finish that POS?
    They should change the name from Positano’s to Negativo’s.
    There is, (looking on the bright side) plenty of space on this unfinished “Westport jewel” to hold the Wall of Remembrance.
    What is the library spending each month to store the tile wall? Was it $5500 (or was that Ramin’s hourly “consulting” fee?)
    Happy Festivus (for the rest of us) Westport!!!!
    Serenity NOW!!!!

  2. Jonathan Prager


    What a great word = = = ‘eye-sore-ier!!!’

    And most appropriate.

    Definitions from Oxford Languages
    a thing that is very ugly, especially a building that disfigures a landscape.*

    I’m adding it to my lexicon.

    You are a true wordsmith.

    With Love,

    Jonathan : )