Photo Challenge #416

It’s a rare Photo Challenge that stumps even champs like Andrew Colabella and Michael Calise.

But last week’s did.

Abby Gordon-Tolan’s image showed the back wall of Trader Joe’s (“you have to look up,” she notes). Click here to see — and see why not even one “06880” reader came close.

This week’s Photo Challenge is one we all see often — if we (again) look up.

If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

And — even if you don’t know — if you’re an architectural historian and can shed light on why that window looks the way it does, the rest of us would love to hear.

(Photo/Elizabeth Devoll)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #416

  1. One of the buildings on Railroad Place

  2. Susie Swanson Milllette, Staples '58

    Now, that’s what you call YANKEE INGENUITY!

  3. 17th century building in Saugatuck.

  4. believe this is 16 Railroad Place which according to the history at the HDC, was built inc.1915.

  5. It’s across the street from the old Saugatuck post office. The window was placed that way intentionally so that on 12/18/22 you would have a question to ask your readership. It could also be a bit of a bored carpenter being a little creative……to add to the question I am curious as to whether in fact the window is installed in a way that allows it to open/pivot in the center in the hopes of inviting hot air to escape through the upper half while inviting cooler air to enter through the bottom half thereby creating a “primitive” form of ventilation.

  6. Former location of messenger service at end of Riverside Avenue.

  7. Corporate Courier. Now on Charles Street, I think.

  8. I don’t know where this particular window is in Westport, but they were known as “Witch Windows” in Colonial times because witches couldn’t fly with their broomsticks through them. Many of them are found in Vermont. See —

  9. Railroad place

  10. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    By the Saugatuck train station. Across from the post office. A friend from high school lived there a long time ago.

  11. All correct. This is on Railroad Place. Thank you, John and Bobbie, for adding historical context. Very interesting. Westport loves its history. (Ahem …)

  12. Chip Stephens SHS 73

    Ironic It. Is one of the locations that are not long for the world with the New Saugatuck Sad that soon there may be many fewer pix of historical and unique places in 06880

  13. Andrew Colabella

    16 Railroad Place!!!

  14. The gable, window and woodwork look
    Like carpenter gothic

  15. The gable sash is simply a local builder’s budgetary decorative response to the mid 19th century Gothic Revival craze. The remains of steam sawn bargeboards and finial confirms this building as what was previously identified as Carpenter Gothic. Undoubtedly entombed beneath the regrettable asbestos siding lie more original details. This was once a very stylish house and would make for a fabulous restoration project. But that’s not going to happen.

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