Lighting Up The Holidays

Andrew Colabella is a busy man.

He works. He’s an RTM member. He moonlights as Santa Claus.

But he had time last week to cruise around Westport. He spotted plenty of homes with holiday lights. He stopped at each, and snapped photos.

Here is Andrew’s tour of our town. Now all we need is snow…

(All photos/Andrew Colabella)

Apologies to any we missed. If you’ve got a favorite holiday lights photo, please email If we get enough, we’ll run Round 2.)

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3 responses to “Lighting Up The Holidays

  1. Thomas D. Neilly

    Thank you Andrew. After another tough year, it’s great to see that our neighbors can still find joy to celebrate the upcoming Holidays.

  2. Try Oak St. off Richmondville Ave for Christmas lights.

  3. All nice but Please highlight the DIYers instead of the commercially done ones. It’s the effort not the purchased effect. (Same with Halloween)