Unsung Hero #264

Hard to believe, but “06880” has never hailed Sybil Steinberg as an Unsung Hero.

The contributing editor and — for many years — book review section editor for Publishers Weekly is a well known and beloved Westport Library treasure.

Her curated recommended reading recommendations — called simply “Sybil’s List” — have entertained, inspired and kept local readers busy for years. A number of Westporters will not read a book unless it’s been vetted by Sybil.

During COVID, she took her talks to Zoom. Suddenly her grateful audience expanded far beyond her hometown.

Now she’s back live, at the Trefz Forum. Happily, the Library films her talks.

A gifted interviewer for Publishers Weekly, Sybil does the same when writers visit the Westport Library.

Sybil and her late husband, the equally well respected Dr. Steinberg, moved here in 1960. (The last name is familiar for another reason: Their son Jonathan has served as Westport’s representative for 7 terms.)

Now well into her 80s, Sybil Steinberg shows no sign of slowing down. She’s got many more books to read, and recommend, in her role as the town’s literary guru.

And — stopping only briefly for kudos — as our “06880” Unsung Hero of the Week. (Hat tip: Mary Condon)

Sybil Steinberg

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2 responses to “Unsung Hero #264

  1. A well deserved honor for a longtime and much revered Westport hero !

  2. As are you, Dan … Sybil is one of Westport’s treasures. She is knowledgeable, erudite, and as gracious as she is (80’s or not!) gorgeous! A most worthy 06880 hero!

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