Resnicks Spin For Cancer Research

Like many others, COVID drove Zach and Jen Resnick from New York City to Westport.

Like many others too they fell in love with the town, and looked for ways to get involved.

Their way: combining a long-time passion with their new community.

More than a decade ago, a New York neighbor ran a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center research lab. He told them about Cycle for Survival, a fundraiser for rare cancer research.

Brain, pancreatic, ovarian, stomach, all pediatric cancers and many others make up more than 50% of cancer cases. But because they are classified as “rare,” they receive only a small share of federal funds

Since 2007, Cycle for Survival has raised over $312 million for Sloan Kettering. People like the Resnicks are invaluable.

They started in 2012 on their neighbor’s team. They soon formed their own. To date, their team has raised a whopping $587,000.

Cycle events are “fun and upbeat, and leave you excited for the next one,” Zach  says. “They’re like a dance party, only on a spin bike.”

Jen and Zach Resnick.

Many new Westport friends donated to the Resnicks’ 2021 spring ride, in New York. To make the event more accessible (and fun), the couple decided to bring Cycle for Survival here.

The Equinox fitness chain co-sponsors the Cycles. Earlier this month, the Resnicks hosted an event at the Southport location.

It included an hour-long spin, and speeches from doctors and patient families.

Forty Westport neighbors and friends took part. They’ve already raised $37,000. More pledges come in every day. (To add yours, click here.)

Participants at the Equinox Spin for Survival.

“We were blown away by the participation and excitement,” Zach says. “We can’t wait to grow the effort in Westport.”

The goal is for each spinner to bring a friend or two. Here’s betting the local  spins will blow the Resnicks’ $587,000 New York total out of the water.

And help doctors come even closer to curing all-too-rare cancers forever.

(To learn more about the Resnicks’ Cycle for Survival efforts — including the next spring event in New York — email or

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  1. What an extremely important worthy charity cause.
    Please add me to your mailing list so I may join you at the next event(s).

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