“Another Lime Jimmy”: Honoring Walton Amey

The sudden death last summer of Walton Amey — a multi-talented musician and athlete, and a 1971 Staples High School graduate — stunned his many friends and admirers. He was 69.

Grammy-winning musician and producer Brian Keane, writes:

I lost my dear friend Walton Amey while we were vacationing at our mutual friend and former bandmate Stephen Schneider’s beach house on Fire Island.

Walt was an amazingly talented, engaging and entertaining person. He was an accomplished actor, singer, comedian and athlete. He was a rugged non-conformist who refused the high expectations and restrictions of traditional societal values.

Walton Amey, in the 1971 Staples High yearbook.

Walt viewed life as a playground — one with which he was constantly engaged, always thinking of ways for people to have fun, get involved, be entertained, enjoy being ridiculous.

Walt was a showman. Being engaged in a show that delighted even one other person truly made him happy.

Stephen Schneider wrote a wonderful song in tribute called “Another Lime Jimmy.” He performed it at Walt’s touching (and sort of wild) celebration of life on the shores of Lake Onondaga in Syracuse this past summer. The song is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Very catchy too.

I produced the song with Stephen performing it, using people from various bands and theatrical productions that Walton performed with over the years.

I’m sure we didn’t get to everyone who would have wanted to contribute. But as Walt often said, “what’s good is good.”

The most valuable thing about Thanksgiving is the appreciation of gratitude. So this seemed like an appropriate way to say thanks this year.

I hope that, even if you never knew Walton Amey, watching the video will give you some sense of that joy, fun, and spontaneity with which he approached life.

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6 responses to ““Another Lime Jimmy”: Honoring Walton Amey

  1. That’s an amazing tribute! And what a truly original and creative song. Kudos to all.

  2. Bonnie Housner Erickson

    Thank you for posting, Dan. It was a privilege to honor our fellow classmate and friend. We miss Walt every day.

  3. I’m the luckiest guy in the world. You can’t explain SHS 71′. Astonishing tribute to all involved……..WOW!

  4. Cristina Negrin

    I didn’t know Walt after High school but I remember him well. What a great video I feel like I know him better now. Thank you! RIP Walt

  5. I hadn’t seen Walt in many many years, but it’s clear to me that you captured him in this beautifully produced, joy filled tribute. Loved seeing the talented, familiar faces like Cris says, I feel like I know him better now. And BTW, this song is an ear worm! i keep hearing it 😆