Local Election Results: Democrats Sweep

Every Democrat on the ballot in the “06880” area appears to have won double-digit victories last night.

With 95% of the vote reported, unofficial results show:

Ceci Maher halted Toni Boucher’s attempt to reclaim her former 26th Distrct State Senate seat. She leads, 57% to 43%.

Jonathan Steinberg won his 7th consecutive race for 136th District State representative. He leads Alma Sarelli, 69%-31%.

Dominique Johnson captured the open 143rd District State Representative seat. She is ahead, 57% to 43%.

Lisa Wexler retained her Probate Judge seat over Patricia Zucaro by a wide margin.

4th District US Congressman Jim Himes returns to Washington. He is ahead of Jayme Stevenson, 59% to 41%.

In statewide races, Governor Ned Lamont was re-elected over Bob Stefanowski (currently 55-44%), and Senator Richard Blumenthal was re-elected over Leora Levy (57-43).

In addition, a referendum question to allow the General Assembly to consider early voting passed, 59% to 41.

Turnout in Westport was approximately 57% of registered voters.

Democracy in action. (Photo/Jo Shields)

25 responses to “Local Election Results: Democrats Sweep

  1. Great news!! Congratulations.. now only if we could trump and his fellow crooks and traitors in jail

    • Just wow. Libs/Dems are out of their minds.

    • Will, I’m going to disregard your sticking your head in the sand about Trump and his co-consipirator criminals belonging in jail. But – do not accuse democrats of wanting to put anyone , much less the white supremacist and anti-Semitic Trumplicans, in to concentration camps. It’s tone deaf and offensive.

      • I understood your analogy. I’m telling you as a Jewish person not to use concentration camps in your ridiculous analogy. It’s not a good analogy unless your saying that Jews were criminals and deserved to be in jail. And assuming you are not saying that , you can’t compare a genocide of innocent civilians to wanting to put criminals in jail. Democrats are not saying conservatives/Republicans should be put in jail as an entity or because they have different views and unless you live under a rock you know that. They are saying Trump and his supporters should be in jail because they tried to overthrow the government on Jan 6th in a violent coup attempt.

        • Stephanie Frankel

          Will, you failed at gaslighting. This is why Democrats won CT and Westport.

        • Stephanie Frankel

          Will, the rule of law and accountability apply to Donald Trump and any sedition committed in his name. That is what Biden was talkong about. Do not gaslight facism. It does not work on the educated or Jewish people!

          • “Not Trump, Cruz, or anyone else in the Republican Party – planned on having their supporters storm the capital and harm members of Congress in order to allow Trump to remain in power.”

            I was glued to my TV on January 6, and I saw Trump speaking to his followers, telling them to march to the Capitol, and he would be marching with them.

            Of course, he didn’t, but what else would you expect from him? That he would tell the truth?

          • Trump didn’t plan on having his supporters storm the capitol?

            On 1/6/21, Donald Trump spoke to his supporters for and hour and fifty-eight minutes, “encouraging” them to “march to the capitol” to “fight like hell” and told the crowd, “We fight like hell. And if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore”. He told them to fight or said fighting was required 20 times during his speech.

            Trump inner circle advisor Steve Bannon, soon to be inmate Steve Bannon, told his listeners the day before the attack, “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. Just understand this: All hell is going to break loose tomorrow. It’s going to be moving. It’s going to be quick….And all I can say is: Strap in. You have made this happen, and tomorrow it’s game day.”

            You also asserted that Trump didn’t participate in the coup attempt. The house 1/6 committee produced sworn testimony that after leaving the speech, Trump insisted that his secret service staff in “the beast” take him to the capitol and when they refused, he grabbed control of the steering wheel and when the agents removed his hand, he lunged for and grabbed the throat of the other agent in the car.

            No, no encouragement or participation by DJT that day.

          • That is some serious half-wittery right there. Kind of like saying someone who goes into a bank and attempts to rob it is “only” trespassing because he doesn’t really expect to get the money.

            Maybe we should just take the perpetrators at their word as to what they were attempting to do, rather than making excuses for them?

          • Stephanie Frankel

            Well that was a long winded attempt to defend Trump sedition!

            Meanwhile, back to real life…

          • I am all for a return to the use of ;)’s to mark the sarcastic, hyperbolic, mocking parts that flow through some of the convulsive statements I find here. Got to know what is seriously meant.

    • It looks to me as if Godwin’s law has been thoroughly repudiated. . This is the fastest jump to Nazi name calling I have seen.


  2. “Turnout in Westport was approximately 57% of registered voters”
    That’s a telling statement and a pretty lame result. Why can’t we get at least 80-85% participation from a well-educated, socially active populace? Voting doesn’t exactly require any ‘heavy lifting’.

  3. Hooray for Blue! Congratulations for all of our great candidates. I agree with Peter Marks.

  4. 57% is kinda sad. Surprisingly, only ~17% of those Westporters who did vote, did so via absentee. At least, we beat the statewide 11%. This despite being able to legitimately check (fear of) “sickness” on the absentee application rather than the dubious “out of town that day” excuse. Now that our one amendment referendum question passed, perhaps our Legislature will see fit to pass legit early voting in time for November 2024 or maybe 2023!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners. It was a definitive statement and a resounding result. I think it was a great turnout for a mid-term election. We all have to remain vigilant and involved. If I were a Republican I’d be very disappointed with who our local RTC endorsed – unqualified and extreme candidates (not all but enough).

    • It’s important to remember, too, that Westport’s First and Second Selectwomen, as well as the Westport Police Union, endorsed Republican Nicole Hampton, who on April 7 tweeted, “Keep watching that fake news. Trump was acquitted because there was no insurrection!!” Appalling all around. At least Hampton lost.

      • Stephanie Frankel

        What? She said that?! wow! Sarelli’s husband is the one who intimidated the Staples journalist at the school board meeting the same way Trump tried to physically intimidate Hilary Clinton!
        Glad all of the truth is exposed on these Trumpian clowns and they lost!

  6. John D McCarthy

    So when will the election signs come down? Which candidate’s signs will be the last to be taken down?

    • Stephanie Frankel

      Lol! There is one house near Long Lots that has tons of Let’s Go Brandon and Trump signs and one on High Point Rd that has a banner that reads, “ Beep if you want Schumer, Pelosi and Schiff removed”. I am going ro guess the cult will keep up their signs of allegience forever!

    • Did anyone ever vote for a candidate because of a lawn sign?

      • Stephanie Frankel

        Hilarious! I thought the same thing! Lol! Driving around town all I saw were Sarelli and Levy signs. I think it is very Trumpian to think signs win.

  7. Scott Bennewitz

    From the Town Clerk’s website, it looks like a total of 12,336 ballots were cast in-person and absentee, for a total participation of 64%.

  8. That’s a terrible turnout for such a critical election.

  9. Scott Bennewitz

    Hopefully, the ballot-approved opportunity for early voting will allow for more voters to fit voting into their schedule.

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