This Halloween, Keep In Mind …

WestportMoms is our town’s go-to multi-platform destination for upcoming family and kid events, merchants and helping professional news, and and school and camp advice.

The head moms — Megan Rutstein and Melissa Post — always have every child in mind. They know “it takes a village,” and they always support ours.

The other day, they posted this advice. It comes from Dr. Ali Griffith, and is worth repeating for the (few) folks who don’t follow WestportMoms:

6 responses to “This Halloween, Keep In Mind …

  1. Thank you for this thoughtful reminder.

  2. Diana Pils Marino

    WTH?? I’ve never heard of this before. If your child has that many issues how do they even go out in the world? You all enable this behavior so … it continues. Teach your child rules and manners please. We had a Special Ed wing at Coleytown Jr High in the 70’s so we could all integrate with each other but holidays, customs & rules weren’t changed because of it.

    • Sorry, Donna, but your comment is both hard to understand bizarre. “Enabling behavior”? What on earth are you talking about.

      What have you never heard of before?

      No one is trying to change “holidays, customs and rules.” The goal is to make holidays more inclusive for all.

      Please explain what you were trying to say.

      • Bobbie Herman

        If I’m not mistaken, I believe Ms. Marino misunderstood the post. It does not refer to one child with all these “issues,” but to children who might have one, or possibly two, asking us to be kind and patient with them. Having a granddaughter with special needs makes me more aware of children with such problems.

  3. This is WONDERFUL!!!🎃
    I absolutely love that you posted this Dan!! 🧙

  4. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    As a mom of a (wonderful) son with special needs,,thanks for posting this,Dan! Every phrase here is beautifully worded.:-)