Another Key Police Function

Somehow, while working her dog downtown, Monica Beusser lost her car key fob.

Distressed, thinking of the replacement cost, she called the Westport Police Department. Had anyone brought in an Acura fob?

The officer said they don’t handle lost keys. But, he noted, there is a Good Samaritan drop box filled with keys, at the station.

The clear box was almost completely filled. And there, on top, was an Acura key fob. It gave the satisfying beep!

Monica says: “Please tell residents that they might find lost keys and fobs at the police station.”

She adds: “Thank you very much to the person who brought mine in. You made my day!”

Pick up your keys here.

2 responses to “Another Key Police Function

  1. So glad you found them, Monica. I think someone posted about finding lost Acura keys on Westport Front Porch and said to check police station. Good to check Westport Front Porch as well.

  2. This is so good to know. Thanks for posting Dan