Roundup: Isabel Boardman, Challah …

Isabel Boardman is 100 years young today!

The longtime and very energetic Senior Center member is not on a computer. So how about sending her birthday wishes the old-fashioned way? (Kids: That means a card and stamp.)

Isabel’s address is 19 Hills Lane, Westport, CT 06880. Let’s fill her mailbox this week!

Isabel Boardman


Staples High School Class of 1992 graduate Melissa Kirsch has a tasty story in yesterday’s New York Times Morning report.

She uses an end-of-summer (rather than High Holy Days-are-near) hook, to describe her own challah baking experiences.

She neglects to mention Westport’s 2 challah delivery services: Every Home Should Have a Challah, and Challah & Co.

Still, it’s a challah-of-a-g0od picee.


Paul Delano describes today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo:

“This great egret is reflected on the Saugatuck River, in front of a reflection of  Assumption Church”

(Photo/Paul Delano)


And finally … today is Wife Appreciation Day, National Cheeseburger Day. and World Bamboo Day. (Those are 3 separate holidays.) So:

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One response to “Roundup: Isabel Boardman, Challah …

  1. Kerstin Warner Rao

    Lovely idea to send a card! Connecting through a hand-written card is such a heartfelt gift. I hope it’s not tacky for me to invite you to visit the Westport Book Shop where they sell my hand-drawn stationery. Bonus: you will be supporting The Westport Library, too. I’ll start writing my own card to Ms. Boardman today.