Unsung Hero #254

Anne Marie Fox’s children’s pediatrician, Dr. Janet Woodward, retires this week.

The Willows doctor has served the community for 38 years. Anne Marie writes:

My husband Patrick and I feel extremely lucky that Dr. Woodward was recommended to us when we started a family back in 1998.

Dr. Janet Woodward

She is an outstanding doctor: brilliant, kind, patient, and unbelievably committed to her work. She makes her patients feel valued and important, and always goes above and beyond in their care.

She has been an invaluable part of our family over the years. Our girls continue to use her in their 20s. She has been a constant and consistent adult in their lives, always supporting, always available, and always interested.

Fortunately, my kids have never really had any medical emergencies or long-term health issues. I can’t imagine Dr. Woodward’s worth to families that have.

Dr. Woodward graduated from Vassar College, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University in New York City. She completed her pediatric internship and residency at Yale Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Woodward writes on the Willows website: “When I started as a new pediatrician joining Willows Pediatrics, I was happy for the opportunity to take care of infants, children and adolescents in a vibrant small town not far from where I grew up.

“I will be forever grateful for being welcomed into the local medical community served by Norwalk Hospital, and for being welcomed by families in Westport and surrounding towns.

“I am also grateful for the original Willows partners, who set an amazing example of dedication to the practice, to always learning, and to providing the most up-to-date medical care possible.

Dr. Janet Woodward, with one of her many patients.

“Now 38 years later, it is time for me to move on, and for Willows to bring on a new enthusiastic and wonderful pediatrician. Thank you for the opportunity to help take care of what is most important in our lives, our children, and to feel part of so many of our amazing families. Through ups and downs, sharing joy and heartbreak, what I have learned from you will always stay with me.”

I know that hundreds of Westport families join my family in saying “thank you” to Dr. Woodward for the incredible care of our children over the years. We wish her much enjoyment in her retirement/

Well said, Anne Marie. Dr. Woodward has been a Westport institution, for nearly 40 years. Thanks for all you have given us — and congratulations on your well-deserved honor as our Unsung Hero this week!

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15 responses to “Unsung Hero #254

  1. Michelle Mechanic

    Dr. Woodward is just wonderful! I’m sorry to lose her from the team, but wish her a joyful retirement!

  2. Our family will always be grateful for Dr. Woodward’s assistance and advocacy in getting our daughter discharged from the hospital after she was born. Despite complications, she was able to come home with us, when I was released. It meant so much to us then. We will never forget. Congratulations Dr. Woodward on your retirement. We wish you all the best in your next chapter.

  3. Larry Perlstein

    Dr. Woodward has been my daughter’s doctor for the past 14 years — she even got an early start as my daughter was 3 months premature. I can’t say enough good things about Janet — her quiet caring concern and deep medical knowledge helped us through numerous crises, pediatric and beyond. We will miss her at the Willows immensely. She is going to be a tough act to follow!

  4. Stephen Axthelm

    We were so fortunate to have found Dr. Woodward to care for our kids as well, including a life threatening bout of pneumonia. Her knowledge and care were so appreciated. Enjoy retirement Janet!

  5. We too feel so blessed to have Dr. Woodward as our family pediatrician for 24 years. She is absolutely the most wonderful physician and truly on the side of the patient and the family. We wish her the very best and will miss her care tremendously. Enjoy retirement Dr. Woodward

  6. We feel so lucky to have had Dr. Woodward for my 3 children the past 29 years! She is the best and she will be missed. We wish her a very happy retirement.

  7. Over 17 years ago, I was an anxious first time parent & I can’t imagine how I would have made it through without the calm, relaxed & confidence demeanor of Dr. Woodward! She is amazing & my family & I are extremely grateful to have had her guidance & expertise for so many years. Thank you- we will miss you! May your next adventure be as fulfilling as this one!

  8. My daughter Betty was a patient of Dr. Woodward’s, and has had the opportunity to take her now 20-month old son Jake to Dr. Woodward as well — another generation sharing Westport’s history. ❤️

  9. Thank you, Dr. Woodward, for all your care and dedication, through all these years! It was wonderful to have you follow my kids’ from birth to adulthood. Happy retirement!

  10. Dr Woodward was my autistic-spectrum daughter’s pediatrician starting back in the days when Willows was still at Fort Apache and continuing to the current location on the Post Road. Her calm and quiet demeanor was so important when dealing with my hyperactive, anxious child. Janet and her nurse Barbara were always an island of safety in the storm of childhood office visits. Long after my daughter aged out of qualifying for pediatric care, Dr Woodward continued to help on more than one occasion with information needed to obtain various services. I wish Janet could see my daughter now. I think she would be amazed at the calm, intelligent, gainfully-employed adult that she has become. Best wishes to you in your retirement, and thank you so much for being there for us all those years.

  11. Paige Schwartz

    Dr. Woodward has been our pediatrician for the past 18 years and we wish her well in her retirement. As a first time Mom back in 2004, she encouraged me to attend the Willows Playgroup and I learned a lot from my experience there. Dr. Woodward was available for questions and was extremely respectful and proactive regarding any specific concerns. She will certainly be missed!

  12. Margaret Beeler

    Dr. Woodward is the best!!! It was a dark day in our household when we heard the news of her retirement, and my daughter (her #1 fan, I assure you) was the one to break it to the rest of us. We have had some interesting health issues throughout the years, and one very scary episode. Dr. Woodward has been a Godsend through it all – for the entire lives of both my children, since they were both newborns. They too, in their twenties now, still see Dr. Woodward (until now!). She is truly a gem, and Westport has been so lucky to have her. We are so grateful to her for her amazing, loving, competent care, and hope she can get some much deserved R&R in retirement. THANK YOU DR. WOODWARD!! We love you!

  13. Dr. Woodward took great care of my 2 sons for over 20 years.
    She was always there for us when we needed guidance.
    We will miss her but are happy that she can now enjoy her time in the next chapter. All the best, Dr. W! You will me missed! ❤️

  14. Best pediatrician ever! We were so lucky.

  15. Congratulations, Dr Woodward, on a well deserved retirement! We were so grateful for your care and, frankly, your brilliance. We knew we were in good hands and all three of our children thrived.
    I only hope your retirement brings you as much peace as you brought to all of us.