Sarelli Challenges Steinberg For State Rep Seat

For a while, it looked like Democrat Jonathan Steinberg would have no opposition in his bid for a 7th term as Westport’s state representative from the 136th District. Republican Tom Lasersohn withdrew in August.

Today, Alma Sarelli announced her campaign for the seat. The press release did not identify her as a Republican, but “that was a mistake,” says spokesman Joseph Sledge.

Alma Sarelli

Sarelli — a native of Albania with a degree in business management — moved to Westport 6 years ago. She  ran as a write-in candidate last November for the Board of Education. She received 565 votes, behind the 4 candidates officially on the ballot.

Sarelli and her husband Nick run a national event entertainment production company. They have 4 children: 2 in college, and 2 at Staples High School.

Sarelli currently serves as president of Newcomers & Neighbors of Westport.

Her press release says:

“As an immigrant, a working mother of 4 children, a business owner and for better, not worse, a political novice. I am running for state representative because I want to return the focus to the basic priorities all of us share.

“I want to keep taxes down so Connecticut can compete as an attractive destination for businesses and hard working families. Education is an absolutely top priority: we need schools that focus above all on learning and achievement. We want schools truly to celebrate and respect the individuality and uniqueness of all of our children, regardless of their background or appearance — not be training camps for ideological activists.

“We also need sensible, fair and effective law enforcement that doesn’t compromise the safety of our families, particularly those in higher crime areas, to the false narratives of a few.

“Connecticut is a state with an incredible diversity of strengths. Instead of living up to our potential, we are being held back by the same policies and mismanagement bringing down so many other similarly governed states. These states are watching their populations decline, lawlessness surge and their families lose faith in public education. It doesn’t have to be this way,
but the only way to reverse it is by voting in new leadership.

“If you agree with these priorities and want to help steer Connecticut towards a different path, please support me in November. There is a widening gap between what Connecticut families actually want and what Hartford is delivering. It is time to change course.

“I stand for great schools, safe streets, responsive government and lower taxes. How will I achieve these goals? I am going to try something different. Rather than represent Connecticut’s special interests like public sector unions, state contractors and political party bosses, I am going to represent the people of Westport. I seek the support of all Westport residents. With your support
and your vote on November 8th, I will be a fierce advocate for Westport in Hartford. I will listen to your voices and ideas so we can keep Westport excellent.

“My business experience and leadership will be assets to help us build on our successes. I will also be a voice for Westporters and address the major concerns we are all experiencing.”

Click here for Sarelli’s website.

31 responses to “Sarelli Challenges Steinberg For State Rep Seat

  1. Her explanation of what she stands for is exactly what will get me to the polls in November to vote for her opponent!!

  2. Thanks for posting. Now I’ll contribute to Steinberg‘s campaign

  3. Russell Gontar

    I’d like to hear the the candidate explain what she is taking about when she states “We want schools truly to celebrate and respect the individuality and uniqueness of all of our children, regardless of their background or appearance — not be training camps for ideological activists”. Training camps? Ideological activists? Please decode.

    • Gordon Shumway

      what in the world could she possibly be talking about???

    • She means ban certain books (that she has not read); monitor teachers’ lessons; ban mention of gay or transgender choices and make certain the disaster of slavery and oppression not be part of any curriculum.
      She, as are all Trump Republicans (and you can bet your ass she voted for Trump and is a “denier”) is a menace to decent, democratic society.

  4. Clark Thiemann

    This release includes almost every dog whistle of right wing culture wars wedged into 7 paragraphs. Impressive!

  5. This is a painful reminder that we need to be on guard at all levels of government, even in Westport.

    • Carol, please remember to lock your doors at night, lock your car as well. And Carol what about the children? What can we do to save the children???? Such anguish.

  6. Stephanie Bass


  7. Will she be answering questions from voters in public? Can’t wait to hear her deeply considered, nuanced views on issues.

  8. The unions are gonna have a field day with her. Many young Young people go to large cities like NY, Boston and the like, certainly not because it’s less expensive.

  9. I don’t why there is a link to her website, it is still under construction? However, from the blog post, my initial impression is honesty. Refreshing. Most politicians these days sound like they are lying. I have been reading a book called Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. Fascinating stuff, once you read it you can spot lies. She doesn’t appear to be lying.

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  11. Dermot Meuchner

    We need Harold Stassen more than ever.

  12. Low taxes and effective law enforcement? Schools that focus on learning not political activism? My ears are ringing with all these white nationalist dog whistles!! Has anyone alerted the FBI? Our democracy is under siege by local moms! What’s next? Efficient accountable government? What has Westport come to?? This is just too much. Time to head over to Front Porch to get recs for a good therapist to help me through this trauma.

  13. OMG, this woman is poison!

  14. If you have any of Mother Teresa’s DNA, that combined with your excellent position paper makes you an outstanding candidate for office. You have my vote. Thank you

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