What’s Happening, Westport? Jen Tooker Answers

Westporters are an inquisitive bunch. They’re not afraid to ask questions. One of their favorite targets is 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker.

The Y’s Men of Westport and Weston are a creative, problem-solving bunch. They may not have all the answers. But they know how to provide them.

The result: a collaboration between Town Hall and the 400-plus member group.

“What’s Happening, Westport?” is a podcast that will be released every 2 weeks, by the Y’s Men. It consists of a few questions on one topic from host Dick Kalt, and answers by Tooker. It’s quick, clear and informative.

The first episode covers the issue the 1st selectwomen probably hears about the most: traffic.

Click below to listen. And if you’ve got a question for an upcoming podcast, email westport@ysmenwestportweston.org.

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4 responses to “What’s Happening, Westport? Jen Tooker Answers

  1. I wondered what Jen Tooker did. Be interesting how she answers questions in this forum since she never answers her phone or voicemails

  2. Jen – why not do a town hall meeting where Westport citizens can speak with and ask questions of you directly? Though a venerable organization, the Y’s men do not speak for all Westport residents.
    Why would you put this filter between you and those who you were elected to serve?
    What will this filter consist of? Who will decide which questions get asked and which get tossed aside? Who will make sure the answers are transparent and stick to the question as asked?
    I assume any productions coming from this will not be paid for with town funds nor circulated through the town facilities.
    It is not the Y’s men you represent.
    Jen, would you feel it is appropriate for the citizens of Westport to propose unfiltered questions in the form of a podcast? Would you answer them unfiltered?
    I suppose one could say that any information from you is better than none. But why choose a forum that does not allow direct, transparent communication with Westport citizens?
    Westport faces challenging times which need to be planned with transparency, equity and resiliency.
    Come talk with us, Jen.

  3. You both make me laugh. Look at Joey Biden who has his questions hand picked and written answers for him to try to read. Even his press secretary has hand picked questions. That’s a joke.

    Look at the history of others in this position. She by far is more transparent than any other of them.

    If she was a democrat or a male I am sure you wouldn’t be asking these ridiculous questions.

    Get in your luxury or electric car and drive to the Town hall and I am sure she would be happy to meet with you.

    • Dermot Meuchner

      Sure she’ll meet you. Just like she answers e-mails or returns voice messages. She’s a useless politician unless there’s a photo op.