Unsung Heroes #250

It’s a little thing.

But little things mean a lot. Especially when you’re hungry.

Taj Indian Cuisine is in the strip mall opposite Stop & Shop. It’s easy to overlook. But they’ve earned a great reputation, and a solid base of loyal customers.

Piera Panozzo is one. The other day, she stopped by to pick up a dinner order she’d phoned in. She went to pay — but had forgotten her wallet.

No problem!

The Taj folks said, “Just call later with your credit card.”

That’s impressive for a restaurant of any size. It’s especially great service for a small place, which needs every order to survive.

Thanks, Taj, for believing in your customers. “06880” believes in you!

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6 responses to “Unsung Heroes #250

  1. Other friends go to Taj on Blackrock Turnpike. They too enjoy their food.
    Portions are generous,

  2. Ellen Wentworth

    I just ordered dinner there on Friday and when I gave him the discount coupon, he told me to keep it, for the next time! I enjoy their food and there is plenty of it!

  3. We order from Taj (also called Vedas Indian Cuisine, Westport) almost every Friday night. The food is delicious, the portions generous, the people friendly and accommodating.

  4. Similar shout-out to Stew Leonard’s. About 10 years ago I was shopping there on Christmas Eve. After collecting about $200 of food, I realized I forgot my wallet. The manager asked where I lived, (Norwalk) and said send a check next week and have a Merry Christmas. Really cool! Ed Hynes

  5. Anyone know the deal with this location? Is it independently owned and they are just paying to use the Taj name? They are my favorite Indian food in the area. They have menu items that I like that other Taj locations do not have and their food tastes different (in a good way). They also offer lunch specials that the other Taj does not. I am curious as to the separation from Veda in Norwalk but no one would give me the full story at either location.

  6. Big deal…a loyal customer is told to phone in her cc ’cause she forgot her purse. 53 years go, the night I moved into town, the Mioli brothers, never having seen or heard of me, did the same thing when I picked up pizzas, for my family and the moving crew and had no cash with me. THAT’s unsung hero stuff, not doing it for someone you know.

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