Roundup: Ted Diamond, Twiddle, Epstein …

In the days following Ted Diamond’s death at 105, Westporters have shared memories of the World War II hero, former 2nd Selectman and 67-year Westport friend and neighbor.

Scott Smith shares something else: a pair of videos.

In 2010, Smith chaired the town’s 50th-anniversary celebration of the purchase of Longshore. As part of the event, he conducted a series of interviews with longtime residents.

In this clip, Diamond describes how he and 1st Selectwoman Jacqueline Heneage worked to save the Inn at Longshore:

Smith also interviewed Diamond and Victor DeMaria about their Longshore memories:


Speaking of videos: A capacity crowd welcomed Twiddle last weekend, for a 2-day Levitt Pavilion festival.

They were not disappointed. The Vermont-based jam band put on great shows.

And Twiddle was not disappointed with Westport.

Yesterday on Facebook they said: “Still thinking about how incredible last weekend was at Levitt Pavilion in Westport, CT. So much love for everyone who came out and joined us. See you tonight in Wisconsin for Phlowfest.”

They also uploaded a fantastic video of their shows to social media. Their videographer captured the music, the audience, and some killer drone footage too.

We’re not quite Woodstock or Newport. But it makes us look pretty damn close. Click here to see.

Screen shot from the Levitt Pavilion Twiddle Festival.


Speaking of the Levitt Pavilion: There are many things to worry about in Westport.

Having a concert stage named for a convicted sex offender and disgraced financier is not one of them.

At 9 p.m. last night, I got an email from a worried Westporter. She said: “This stage name for Levitt Pavilion is a disgrace for Westport. Can you investigate? Just trying to enjoy a nice night at Levitt Pavillon. My visitors are very concerned about my home. EPSTEIN?”

It’s okay.

The handsome stage was named — and dedicated — in 2015. It honors Geri and David Epstein, in recognition of their $500,000 gift during the renovation of the outdoor entertainment center.

Relax. Chill. Enjoy the show!

Tens of thousands of people enjoy the Levitt Pavilion every year. I Before last night, I don’t think anyone thought the stage was named for Jeffrey Epstein. (Photo/JC Martin)


“Westport … Naturally” has featured ospreys on the Post Road by Fresh Market, and at Longshore, Sherwood Mill Pond and Burying Hill Beach.

There’s osprey on Cockenoe Island too. Carl McNair snapped this photo of the much-less-noticed raptor:

(Photo/Carl McNair)


And finally … on this date in 1789, the US established the Department of War.

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2 responses to “Roundup: Ted Diamond, Twiddle, Epstein …

  1. James Morgan

    That somebody that has achieved whatever level of success affords them the opportunity to live in Westport and enjoy an evening at the Levitt Pavilion thought to email you as their first recourse over their wildly misplaced concerns instead of taking the 30 seconds it would take to answer that question themselves – from the same device with which they emailed you, which gives them access to the collected knowledge of all of humanity – is a real head scratcher.

    Just to confirm I wasn’t being overly mean I Googled it myself and sure enough the first result was a very clear answer from Westportnow (RIP) that had enough info in the search result that I didn’t even have to click in to at least know it had nothing to do with Jeffrey Epstein.

    At the risk of ascribing too much to this little tidbit, I have to assume (at least) two things. One, that this is how they approach all information they are presented with which, shared in the wrong forum, can have real consequences. And two, they would react quite poorly to having a similarly stupid question / reaction presented to them by somebody that works for them who didn’t bother to do even a shred of research.

    Good grief.

    • Not to mention it says their first names on the same sign that says Epstein Stage…

      Some people are helpless!