Remembering Ted Diamond

Ted Diamond — proud World War II veteran, longtime local volunteer, former 2nd selectman, Memorial Day parade grand marshal, and beloved Westporter – died Tuesday night, of complications from COVID. He was 105 years old.

Ted died less than 5 months after his wife Carol. She was 100. They were married for 75 years.

An Army Air Corps combat navigator with the 15th Air Force, Ted flew 50 World War II missions over highly secured military installations across Europe. He often led groups of 28 B-17s.

Seven years ago — on his 98th birthday — Ted received France’s highest medal: the insignia of Chevalier (knight) of the Legion of Honor.

The award — established by Napoleon in 1802 — acknowledged his enduring contribution to the success of Operation Dragoon, a military campaign to free the nation from Nazi domination.

Ted Diamond, at this year’s Memorial Day ceremony.

He spent more than two-third of his life — 67 years — in Westport. In addition to 3 terms as 2nd selectman, he was an RTM member, and volunteered on numerous town committees, commissions and boards.

In 2007, Ted served as grand marshal of the Memorial Day parade. He attended nearly every one since moving here — including this past May. Surrounded by admirers, he always made sure to acknowledge the sacrifices of others.

Ted Diamond in May, at this year’s Memorial Day parade. (Photo/Ted Horowitz)

In 2019, 102-year-old Ted was honored at a Bedford Middle School Veterans Day ceremony. He met with 8th graders, and — in firm, clear tones — described his wartime experiences, and the lessons learned from them.

A memorial service will be held at a later date. A full obituary will be posted when it is available.

Ted Diamond and his wife Carol, at a 2018 “town hall” meeting with Congressman Jim Himes.


17 responses to “Remembering Ted Diamond

  1. James Torrey

    Dan- For the last two Memorial Day parades i have had the privilege of driving Ted in the front seat of my convertible,next to me, and Len Fisher,also a Westporter and WW2 veteran,in the back seat.What fine gentlemen these two are !! JIM TORREY

  2. Donald Bergmann

    Ted Diamond, what a wonderful man, what a wonderful life. The two of them, Carol and Ted, seemed perfect together. I relished our interactions, whether the many matters involved the Town he loved, Westport, or simply greetings as I would see Ted and Carol walking together. Ted’s career was amazing and he brought joy to all at all times.

  3. Joan Hume-Cohen

    Both Ted and Carol Diamond were among the kindest people that my husband Marvin and I knew in Westport. We were so fortunate to know them. Joan Hume and Marvin Cohen.

  4. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    This may be an odd question, mostly because of my foggy memory. Was Mr. Diamond ever a teacher? I’m trying to remember how I knew hin.

    • Gail Grunewald Arrowsmith

      I was also wondering if he was a teacher. I know that there was a Mr. Diamond in my life but I don’t remember when.

      • Bonnie Scott Connolly

        It is interesting, Gail, that you have the same memory as I do since we were in the same class. I am away from home on vacation for the next week but when I get home I will check my yearbooks.

        • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

          I vaguely remember a teacher, perhaps a guidance counselor named Bob Diamond at Greens Farms Elementary. He had a son also named Bob. It’s been many years. I doubt they’re related.

          • Bonnie Scott Connolly

            My memory seems to be a Social Studies teacher at Bedford Jr High.

            • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

              It might have been Bedford. I went to both schools. I can see his face in my mind. Surprised no one else has weighed in on this.

  5. Kristan Hamlin

    Thank you ,Ted, for your contributions to our community and country.

  6. John Terpening

    I would love to see a wedding photo and a photo of them in their fifties. It would do us all good to see what seventy five years of marriage looks like. We need role models as gracious and wonderful as Carol and Ted. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Ted was extraordinary and holds a special place in my memory. I was a teacher at Bedford. Each November when the veterans were welcomed they had a breakfast reception in my classroom, which gave me a chance to get to know them better over the years. Ted was a big favorite of mine! When I attended their talks, I took my sketch journal, trying to capture what they looked like as they shared their experiences. Ted’s message to the 8th graders was one of humanity, peace, and taking care of each other. He shared how the Tuskegee Airmen provided cover that saved his life. Ted cared very much about other people and I am grateful I knew him.

  8. K.F. Spearen

    He was a Wonderful Man .. Rest Easy Ted “”

  9. 50 Missions toward stopping Nazi oppression. Now that’s a REAL HERO!


    Ted Diamond was a humble man and I enjoyed meeting him many times as I have lived here for almost 50 years He was gracious and a true Democrat.