Roundup: Cell Tower, CBD, CT Challenge …

Yesterday’s Roundup gave an incorrect date for the Connecticut Siting Council’s public hearing on the cell tower application for 92 Greens Farms Road.

The correct date is next Tuesday, August 9.

The Zoom meeting begins at 2 p.m. with an evidentiary session. Public comment follows at 6:30 p.m. Click here for the link.

To participate in the 6:30 p.m. public comment session, email with your name, email address and mailing address, by August 8. Public comments may also be submitted to the Council by email (see address above).

A cell tower been proposed for the property on the left: 92 Greens Farms Road. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)


New England Hemp Farm — the CBD and hemp shop in Brooks Corner — will close on August 31.

But its many customers will still be able to buy rubs, drops, gummies and more, online.

Business is great, says owner Matt Bannon. His landlord has been good. But rents are rising, and as online sales rise, that’s where customers can find them.

“We give great thanks to this community,” Matt says. “When we first came to Main Street, knowledge of the benefits of CBS were a big unknown. The open-mindedness of this town was refreshing.

“We’ll miss the people most. We made thousands of friends, who support us in person. We look forward to continuing to serve and support them online.”

New England Hemp Farm is the approved vendor for Northeast Pharmacy Service. They represent almost 300 independent pharmacies.

Meanwhile, Matt continues to look for a local store that will carry their products. Interested owners can email for information.

New England Hemp Farm started as a pop-up store, in Brooks Corner.


Last weekend’s Roundup noted that Wafu – the Asian fusion restaurant in Southport — is closed. But based on a phone call I made to the Westport location, in Bedford Square, which called itself “Korean BBQ,” I added that it was still open.

Yesterday, “06880” reader Clark Thiemann was dining at Amis. He noticed this sign:

(Photo/Clark Thiemann)

To which we can only say: Wafu, WTF?


Last night’s screening of “The Sandlot” at the Remarkable Theater drive-in was perfect family fun.

The Imperial Avenue parking lot was filled with families like this one.

Baseball, movies, a gorgeous night — what’s not to like?

Tomorrow’s feature: “Mamma Mia!” (Wednesday, August 3, 8:15 p.m.; gates open at 7:15). Click here for tickets.


An “06880” reader warns recently learned of 5 unauthorized withdrawals from his wife’s debit card. The amount stolen was $520.

All took place at the ATM at 1460 Post Road East — while his wife was in possession of the card. She has never given her PIN to anyone.

Keep an eye on your statements. And on that ATM.


United Way of Coastal Fairfield County has given funds to 17 organizations. The goal is to increase equity and opportunity in 3 areas: health, education and financial stability. Amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Among them: Westport-based Positive Directions. Click here for a full list.


The CT Challenge — a bike ride of varying lengths, in part through Westport, to raise funds for programs for cancer patients and survivors — always draws thousands of participants and spectators.

Every one has a story.

Last weekend, Dave Lowrie heard this:

“On a random bike ride, I came upon two men about to finish their second “Century Ride” (100 miles). When I sat with them after they finished, I learned that Alec Fraser, age 62, and Danny Faryniarz, 58, rode for Team Julian. It is named for Alec’s son, who succumbed to cancer at age 19.

“Julian was a student and water polo athlete at Santa Clara University. So last year Alec cycled across the country, from Connecticut to California in his honor.

“When he arrived in San Francisco, Alec was joined by 50 of Julian’s water polo teammates. They rode together the final 3 hours to Santa Clara, where the water polo pool was re-named for Julian.

“The foundation in his name ( includes events throughout the year.

“On top of that, after Danny’s first 100-mile Challenge ride, he discovered he had type 1 diabetes. In spite of that he finished that and Saturday’s races. These guys are inspiration personified!”

Danny Faryniarz (left) and Alec Fraser. (Photo/Dave Lowrie)


Carl McNair is an avid environmentalist. He — and his family — walk the talk, in all that they do.

But even Carl was impressed by a guy he saw the other day, at Compo Beach.

“He rides his e bike — and tows his human powered surf ski,” Carl marvels.

He gets a good workout, too.

(Photo/Carl lMcNair)


Rikki Gordon and Allen Peck’s beautiful Aussie Chloe is a perfect model for an early August “Westport … Naturally” feature.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)


And finally … this is International Clown Week.

So unless you suffer from coulrophobia — smile!

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9 responses to “Roundup: Cell Tower, CBD, CT Challenge …

  1. Love your choices of music for International Clown Week!! < 🙂 I–<

  2. K.F. Spearen

    I’m sorry to see New England Hemp closing its doors .. Another small family run store Bites the Dust , due to high Rents .. They had a great selection of CBD products that I used for my GSD Dog who is Skittish issues .. I wish the Staff members the Best ..

  3. Celeste Champagne

    I’ve always been told to NEVER make ATM withdrawals at anything but bank ATM machines. This bad experience noted today seems to prove the point. Very sorry for this experience.

    • employ the same situational and security awareness at ANY ATM, bank or otherwise, same/similar issues can happen at both.

    • Greens Farms Plaza, with BevMax and Julian’s? Where is there an ATM?

  4. Carl Addison Swanson, '66

    We have had 28K merely transferred from out account at People’s by Robin Hood Investments, of which we have no account. Then a 10K check was stolen from our mailbox and deposited in TD Bank by a thief who actually signed his endorsement, totally messing up our charge card. Now, the mysterious ATM. Having worked for Treasury, I can tell the technology has far surpassed the capable of bank to protect your money. Under the mattress or Cayman?

    • Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

      Reading between your lines CAS, much of the cybercrime we’re experiencing is terrorism, cartel and/or asymmetric warfare. What is scary is that someone with your frame of reference is saying that the financial infrastructure can’t cope. Well, technology was supposed to be the great equalizer all it’s done is put everyone at risk.

      • Carl Addison Swanson, '66

        Back in the Savings & Loan debacle, once Reagan deregulated them in ’82, the developer swooped in and bought them for their own personal ATM’s. On the Commercial Bank following insolvency, it was just dumb loans. Period. But now, Buck, these banks are too big to fail as seen in ’08. IMO the anti-trust department of the DOJ needs to start breaking up these banks as well as these internet companies.

  5. Cristina Negrin

    About Wafu. Got to know the owners when the restaurant opened early on. We were interested and they were happy to share the answer to my question: “where did you get the financing(huge) for this restaurant and property. “Big Chinese Money” was their answer. Think about that 🤔