Unsung Hero #248

The O’Briens and Greenlees were enjoying their usual Friday night at Compo Beach last week.

Nearby, a couple struggled to put up an umbrella.

The O’Briens and Greenlees did not notice.

But Midge Deverin — sitting at a different table — did.

She told her husband Bernie.  He walked over, dug a hole and secured the post with sand and rocks.”

Bernie Deverin to the rescue!Sure, it’s a small gesture. But Bernieand Midge  could have ignored the strangers. Their struggle with the umbrella was not his.

Instead, he took a few minutes to help. It’s little things like this that make all the difference — and that make Westport a community.

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8 responses to “Unsung Hero #248

  1. mary schmerker

    Kind gestures like this make a big difference. We are so divided right now politically that each kind act sends a positive message of hope.

  2. Alicia Merritt

    The O’Briens are darned good at kind gestures, too, as I recall (don’t know the Greenlees, but if they are friends of Jacqui and Bill’s I’m sure they are, as well. Sounds like it was a very friendly night on Compo, I miss those summer evenings!

  3. Midge Deverin

    Bernie is always quick to help anyone! But, what was failed to mention is that his wife, Midge (moi) was the one to alert him that the umbrella was flying away!!! 🙂

  4. Midge Herz Kosner Deverin

    Yes, my husband, Bernie is always there to help others…but what the story left our was that I was the one to alert him to the ‘flying’ umbrella that came out of it’s mooring! LOL

  5. Tracy A Flood

    We love Bernie!!!!

  6. Jacque O'Brien

    Midge, thank you for alerting him…you’re also an unsung hero. It all happened so fast that we weren’t even aware there was a problem. Quick thinking on your part!!

  7. Midge & Bernie: You are the best! Mary Condon

  8. A little act of kindness goes a long way. Whether one delivers the kind act, receives the kind act, or witnesses it, or only reads about it, everyone feels better because of that simple act.

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