Unsung Hero #246

Mary Ellen Adipietro writes:

My family avoided an awful tragedy this past weekend.

My husband Joe and I are so grateful for the heroic efforts of Tucker Peters. He’s a rising Staples High School junior, and he saved my son Mark’s life.

Both of them are on the Staples sailing team (Mark is a rising sophomore). They were at a sailing camp on Long Island.

Due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, their boat flipped over. My son was trapped in his harness underwater. Unable to unhook himself and get to the surface, he passed out.

Tucker freed himself, and called for help. He was instrumental in getting Mark on the coach boat, and was the first to start performing CPR. I have since learned that our kids all learn CPR in middle school health class.

Tucker Peters (left) and Mark Adipietro. Both are junior flag officers at Pequot Yacht Club.

The EMTs and police said that things could have ended quite differently if not for Tucker’s quick thinking and actions. A first responder said, “That kid is a true hero. Things don’t usually go that well in these situations.”

I would like to give my undying gratitude to Tucker Peters and his family, as well as the staff at Bedford Middle School who teach that class. It worked! It literally saved a life.

And as soon as Tucker is cleared, they’ll both be back together, on the water.

Congratulations, Tucker! He (and his teachers) are truly Unsung Heroes.

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23 responses to “Unsung Hero #246

  1. Dana McCreesh

    oh Mary Ellen. We echo your thanks. What a scary situation. Much love to you all. Dana & Mike

  2. Sarah Green-Motyl

    How terrifying!! So very sorry that this happened but WOW, Tucker is a true hero. Love to Joe, MaryEllen, David and especially Mark Adipietro. From the Motyl family.

  3. Congratulations Tucker!!
    And with all due respect to you Dan this story should be spread much further than here locally in Westport.

  4. Chuck Greenlee

    Tremendous reaction in a terrifying situation!
    ALSO! Good going Bedford Middle School!

  5. Cheers to Tucker for showing his maturity and more calmness under pressure than many adults would display!

  6. Remarkable composure by Tucker. And that’s fantastic that CPR is taught at such a young age.

  7. Amazing. Both kids. And yes, thank you to the teachers who gave the kids these lifesaving skills.

    • So happy that Mark is good! Tucker, it is wonderful that you have the presence of mind and ability to do what is needed. And we are so grateful to the coaches who were also instrumental in the rescue. This also is a story of training.

  8. Michelle Garvey

    Great kids! So glad to hear all ended well.

  9. Gloria Gouveia

    Just a reminder of how vital it is for ALL of us from teens to senior citizens to learn CPR (mouth-to-mouth and compressions only)…and Heimlich and how to use a defibrillator.

  10. Armelle Pouriche

    Way to go Tucker! What a wonderful accomplishment, one that you will always remember and that you should be very proud of… you saved a life!

  11. Kristina Young

    BRAVO TUCKER!! I appreciate this having taken the CPR/First Aid/AED course on Saturday as a prerequisite for the 100-ton Captain’s licensing course. Every living, breathing human, no matter what age, should have and/or obtain this skill! Awesome post!

  12. Karin Giannittii

    Great job Tucker. Wonderful that you saved a life.

  13. Ivy Gooseen

    This is the best unsung hero story yet! Kudos to Tucker!

  14. Goose bumps here. Inspiring beyond words.

  15. joshua stein

    Excellent work! Everyone should practice what happens if trapped, and those harnesses best have quick releases. Coach boat should have AED and trained coaches that know CPR and how to use AED, especially in wet environment. My wife and I and several others teamed together to save a strangers life on the Long Island sound a couple years ago.

  16. Ciara Webster

    Goose bumps comment I’m there with you Jack. Tucker, congratulations. It was a split second life and death situation and you did it !

    I’ve witnessed 2 life saving events, one a cardiac death at the rowing club, a mom of 3, who thankfully survived. And the other a person choking in a local restaurant where the waiter in question humbly took over from friends and saved a gentleman’s life.

    The fast action of these heroes is what made the difference.

    Tucker you are definitely a hero.
    And what a beautiful tribute to you from Mary Ellen.

  17. Way to go Tucker! You were always that kid who looked out for others (even when you were in elementary school!). So proud!
    Dawn Sherriff

  18. Beatrice Cranebaker

    Tucker, thank you for the life of my grandson. I dont know how to thank you.

  19. I wish all schools would teach CPR. You hope and pray you never have to use that training, but it is good to know.

  20. Ananur Forma

    I love reading a good news story and this is the best ever that a friend has the presence of mind and good training to care for and save his dear friend’s life because that is what Tucker did. wow, his family must be so proud of him. You are amazing, Tucker Peters. So glad there are people like YOU in this world.