Tim Harman’s Milestone

In these polarized days, there is little that Westporters agree on.

From national issues like reproductive rights and our leaders, to local ones like the Cribari Bridge and affordable housing, battle lines have hardened.

But there is one thing all “06880” readers know: We love Tim Harman.

You’ve seen him — always smiling — bagging groceries at Stop & Shop.

Tim recently celebrated 30 years an an employee there. He started as part of Staples High School’s work/study program. For 3 decades, he’s been one of the supermarket’s most loyal employees. 

Tim’s sister-in-law Karen writes proudly about other parts of Tim’s life:

In addition to Stop & Shop, Tim — who is now 51 — works at the wonderful Prospector Theater In Ridgefield. Its mission is to  offer work opportunities to residents with special needs.

Tim Harman, working at the Prospector Theater …

Tim is also a longtime member of Our Vision. The organization’s mission is to enrich the lives for persons with disabilities by providing social, cultural and recreational activities which foster enduring friendships, and expand their potential through teamwork and training in Special Olympics.

But Tim’s greatest gifts are his infectious smile, and that he knows almost everyone in town —  from everyday shoppers to teachers and coaches, and the town firefighters who come in almost  daily.

In fact, he is an honorary firefighter, riding in the fire truck every Memorial Day parade.

… riding in the Memorial Day parade …

Every new customer is a new friend. The next time you meet him, he will remember your name. You can’t go anywhere without him knowing somebody.  Some refer to him as the unofficial Ambassador of Westport.

Tim is a life-long Westporter. He attended Westport schools as a special education student, all the way, from Coleytown Elementary and Middle Schools, through Staples High. Tim was a member of the Wreckers swim team, and a manager for the baseball team.

His sports talent is evident at annual Connecticut Special Olympics competitions. He has run, swum, and even tried shot putting this year.

He’s pretty good. He has won close to 100 medals over the past 45 years ,including 3 last month. Tim doesn’t even count his  ribbons.

… starring at Special Olympics …

Ask him about his favorite teams. He is a long-suffering fan of the Mets, Knicks and  Giants. He can tell you the scores of each team’s games the next day.

Tim’s parents, Gail and Jim Harman, moved to Westport in 1963. Gail spent many years as a paraprofessional at Staples. Jim is well known as the proprietor of the garage next to The Porch @ Christe’s. Tim’s brother Jim lives locally, while his sister Liz  calls New York City home. Both went through Westport schools, as did Tim’s niece Chase Harman Burke and nephew Andrew Harman.

Tim is a proud and loving uncle to 6 adults, and grand-uncle to 7 little ones.

… and with a great-nephew.

Congratulations, Tim, on your 30 years at Stop & Shop. And thank
you for making Westport a better place, every day!

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Tim Harman (bottom row, center) with his family.


11 responses to “Tim Harman’s Milestone

  1. Really, it gets no better than that…what a wonderful early morning read.

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Tim!

  3. Baxter Urist

    Karen you are the best. Great tribute to Tim…and the Harman’s. Bravo Tim.

  4. Patty Kondub

    I love Tim! I miss seeing him in the Y pool, but thankful I see him at Stop n Shop! Great story.

  5. Jonathan McClure

    Thanks, Dan, for this uplifting story, and thank you, Tim, for setting an example we should all be following.

  6. Michael Calise

    A good way to start the week for all of us including Tim!

  7. Frankie And Tom Smith

    Tim Harman is the man, he always does have that beautiful big smile showing. This article is spot on! Love you Tim! From Tom and Frankie Smith

  8. I graduated with Tim from Staples. I see him working hard at his Stop and Shop job regularly. What a great tribute to read! Tim always greets me with a smile!

  9. Julie Shapiro

    Fabulous guy – makes my day when I see him at Stop and Shop. The Harmans are a great part of Westport

  10. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Great read! Miss Westport,and the way Truly Cares for Adults with Special Needs..:-)

  11. Diane Johnson

    Congratulations, Tim, on your long career at Stop & Shop! I hope we see your smiling face and hard work ethic there for a long time!