Pic Of The Day #1894

Ukraine’s flag flies proudly on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge today. Westport’s annual jUNe Day celebration is set for tomorrow (Saturday). (Photo/Amy Schneider)

3 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1894

  1. Mark Yurkiw

    Thank you Dan & Amy, For Keeping Ukraine up front. Today was the first day that stories of the genocide in Ukraine was not in the top of the news to my dismay. There is so many other tragedies everywhere the focus is getting diluted.

  2. Mark Yurkiw

    Thanks Dan, Amy, & the UN for keeping the Ukrainian Genocide upfront.
    Today was the first day I noticed the media wasn’t able to keep up with all the tragedy in the world today.

  3. Susan Iseman

    I love when these flags are up! I wish we could keep them up longer.