Roundup: Compo Beach Lots, Korean War Vets, Horseshoe Crabs …

For years, Compo Beach guests have been greeted by a gorgeous display of flowers and shrubs, at the main entrance directly opposite the Soundview lot.

Sometimes they’re greeted too by small signs saying “Lot Full.” They’re hard to read, and traffic backs up as drivers try to figure out what to do next.

This year, there should be less confusion. A large electronic sign at the entrance will announce how much space is available in the Soundview, main and daily ($$$) lots.

I’m sure people will still stop and ask the gate attendants all kinds of questions, and try to talk their way in despite seeing “0” availability.

At least they’ll have plenty of warning.

(Photo/Matt Murray)


Across America yesterday, the red-white-and-blue flew in honor of Flag Day.

At the Senior Center, meanwhile, flags — and an honor guard, and dignitaries — honored Westport’s Korean War veterans.

Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, state Commissioner of Veterans Affairs Thomas Saadi and 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker presided at the luncheon and ceremony.

Pete D’Amico described his experiences in that 1950s conflict. Alexander Boboc recalled a fallen comrade. Other veterans like Bill Vornkahl, Bob McCarthy and — in uniform — Tom Lowrie shared stories too.

The ranks of Korean War veterans are diminishing quickly. Yesterday’s recognition was truly important. (Hat tip: David Lowrie)

(From left):VFW Joseph J. Clinton Post 3999 quartermaster Phil Delgado, Navy Lt. JG (ret.) Tom Lowrie. and fellow Westport resident Bob Tirrerno — local commissioner to the State Veterans Affairs office — look at a photo of Lowrie’s radar aviation squad.


Summer arrives Tuesday. But you can get a jump on it Saturday.

That’s the first of 2 “Summer Outdoor Shopping Days.” Main Street from the Post Road to Elm Street will be closed, for better strolling (and strollers). Brooks Corner will be closed too, for vendors. Church Lane is already closed, for the summer.

Merchants on upper Main Street and Elm Street will also participate.

Some stores will offer discounts. Others will highlight special merchandise.


Horseshoe crabs are very weird creatures. (I know: So are humans.)

Living on Long Island Sound, we’re used to them. But most of us don’t have much horseshoe crab knowledge (beyond “don’t step on them”).

This Sunday (June 19, 3 p.m., Sherwood Island State Park Nature Center), Friends of SP hosts a talk by Dr. Jennifer Mattei. The Sacred Heart University biology professor and director of Project Limulus (named for a horseshoe crab genus) will discuss why they’re important for the health of the Sound — and for your own good health.

The family-friendly session includes a walk on the beach, to look — very carefully — for spawning horseshoe crabs.

Dr. Jennifer Mattei and friends.


It’s college scholarship time.

And the Westport Woman’s Club is doing its part.

As it has for many decades, the organization recently gave grants to graduating Staples High School seniors.

This year’s total was $36,000. Recipients include Chloe Manna (Emily Duvoisin Scholarship), Tatiana Dragun (Lea Ruegg Scholarship), Juliette Savarino (Emily Fuller Scholarship), Sam Betit (Most Active Member Scholarship, in honor this year of Suzan Murphy), and Olivia Pace, George Kocadag and Malachi Evans (WWC Scholarships).

Funding for the grants comes in part from the Yankee Doodle Fair. The annual event runs tomorrow (Thursday) through Sunday, at the WWC Imperial Avenue grounds.

Attending the ceremony were Congressman Jim Himes, State Senator Will Haskell, State Representative Stephanie Thomas, 1st Selectwoman Jen Tooker, and Staples High School administrators and counselors.

Westport Woman’s Club scholarship winners, with government and school officials.


You never know what you’ll find on Cablevision Channel 78.

The educational access channel is the home for town meetings, board schedules — and videos produced in the Westport public schools.

Two of those earned honors in the Area 9 Cable Council contest, for their public service announcements. The prize: an “Eddy” (Ed Access Trophy).

Kings Highway placed first in the Elementary School category, for “Think Before You Print” (discouraging printing unnecessary copies of anything).

Kings Highway winners (from left): Kylie Dorfman, Presley Levin Samantha Frank, Adrienne Bihl, Alexander Sheefel, Grey Shugrue.

Staples took second place in the High School division, for “After.”

Staples winners (from left):Jane Weil, Ava Waldman, Jacob Baker. Not pictured: Cooper Tirola


To plan ahead: Here’s the Levitt Pavilion schedule for June:

  • June 19: Michael Franti & Spearhead (limited tickets remaining)
  • June 21: Comedy Night #1
  • June 22: Children’s Series launch (Josh Lovelace/Young Folk)
  • June 23: Isle of Klezbos
  • June 24: Isabella Mendes Bossa Nova Project
  • June 25: James Langton’s New York All-Star Big Band
  • June 26: Danny Jonokuchi & the Revisionists
  • June 28: Queer + Quiet: An Evening with  Treya Lam
  • June 29: Children’s Series (Falu)

Free tickets are available on the Levitt Pavilion website, and at the box office window 2 hours before show time.

A small portion of the Pops Concert crowd last Friday. (Photo/Dan Woog)


Live theater is back at the Westport Country Playhouse.

And so is their London Theater Tour.

In April, audiences returned to the historic local institution. In October, the WCP hosts a week-long, theater-filled trip.

Managing Director Michael Barker and Artistic Director Mark Lamos led similar trips in the past, with great success. This time, Lamos will pick 5 of the most exciting shows, plus non-theater activities. Past trips have included tea with a cast member, a discussion with a London theater critic, and backstage tours.

For more information (and to book a spot), click here.

The West End Theatre


UPDATE: The mistake below is on me. Molly Alger sent 3 photos; I misunderstood her. She knows the difference between raspberry and milkweed. I don’t. My apologies.

Molly Alger sends this photo and report, from the Baron’s South walking path:

“The raspberries are ready to bloom. They must be checked daily if you want to save any from the birds and deer.”

(Photo/Molly Alger)


And finally … as raspberries (above) and strawberries start to ripen:

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  1. Michael Calise

    That sign is horrifical!!!! Not needed!!! and probably not legal. Compo has too many signs.

    • John D McCarthy

      Thanks, was thinking exactly the same thing. Compo isn’t Disney World or the Mall.

  2. I saw the new sign board at the Compo entrance yesterday and immediately thought OH NO! Also wondered how this came to be and if I had missed public notices regarding approvals for or discussions about the electronic sign. The Amazon Fresh retail store recently went thru many meetings before various boards before their signage was approved. It seems to me that a sign of this nature would need some public notice and discussion.

  3. Michael Franti & Spearhead is a pretty big artist to be performing Levitt Pavilion. I remember America playing there, but it was well after they were at the height of their popularity.

    Any other performers as big as that play Levitt, at a time when they were largely popular?

  4. Jalna Jaeger

    Hey Dan,
    the flower pictured is milkweed, not raspberry.
    a beautiful shot though!

    • I can barely tell a sequoia from poison ivy. I just posted what Molly said. My apologies!

      • This mistake is on me. Molly Alger sent 3 photos; I misunderstood her. She knows the difference between raspberry and milkweed. I don’t. My apologies.

  5. Scott Brodie

    Wonderful to applaud Jennifer Mattei’s work on behalf of the horseshoe crabs of Long Island Sound. [I did my doctoral dissertation research on the retinas of horseshoe crabs.] Many thanks!

  6. Lauri Weiser

    Thank you for Always supporting the Westport Woman’s Club and our mission to raise money to give away to various organizations and individuals. The Yankee Doodle Fair is our Biggest fund raiser (not just a fun town fair)…I hope everyone in town understands what we do and will support us through donations and participation. We are always looking for new members…come join us – we’re a great group of lovely, caring, generous, thoughtful and fun women!!