Unsung Hero #242

Today marks double honors for Judy Frey.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut honor her at Woodway Country Club in Darien, for over 30 years as a volunteer. She’s served in many capacities, including chair of their Southwestern Council.

She’s also “06880”‘s Unsung Hero of the Week, for all her work locally.

It’s hard to imagine any Westporter more associated with Girl Scouts than Judy Frey.

A Scout herself as a child in the 1950s — in many troops, because her father was in the military and moved often — “girls didn’t get to do a lot of things,” she says. That’s why the Scouts’ outdoor activities were so welcome.

Judy Frey

When she moved to Westport from Minnesota in 1978, she’d already had experience leading her daughter’s troop. She called Scout leaders, met “wonderful” people (including another famed leader, Betty Roberts), and began her long involvement here.

When her daughter was in 7th grade, Judy met Nancy Peach. They began bringing troops to Camp Aspetuck, in Weston. “Some of the girls were scared to go out at night,” Judy recalls. “It was great to take them out of their comfort zone. Making girls stretch is so important.”

Then it was on to the Appalachian Trail. “Nancy taught me so much about the outdoors,” she marvels. Judy also took adults on outdoor adventures, from the White Mountains to Corsica.

But she continued working with Girl Scouts, long after her daughter’s graduation from Staples in 1987. Judy was involved with the high school troop, 8 or 10 girls a year who enjoyed learning skills, camaraderie, and taking trips to places like London. The typical Girl Scout, she says, is “driven to achieve things.”

Judy also volunteered with the district office. A building at Camp Aspetuck now bears her name.

Thanks, Judy, for all you’ve done, for so many. Enjoy both honors today!

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Judy Frey in 2012, with the plaque in her honor at Camp Aspetuck.


5 responses to “Unsung Hero #242

  1. mary schmerker

    Thank you, Judy, for carrying on. I don’t want to take away from this honor for you but seeing the name Betty Roberts almost made me cry. I wish I knew how many years I spent at Camp Aspetuck, as a girl, as a junior counselor and then unit counselor. I remained in Gril Scouting from Brownies into adult hood working at the Connecticut Valley Council in Hartford and then later in New York State and New Jersey. Betty Roberts and Scouting turned me into the adult I am today. It warms my heart to know that Camp Aspetuck is still there. Betty Roberts did so much to improve the camp and it is wonderful that the work of Girl Scouting is being carried on by you and other dedicated volunteers. Yes, I have talked too much here about Betty Roberts and myself, but I hope it will allow you Judy to have a glimpse of what those who are girls now will remember and thank you for when they are old a gray. To give a hint about my age…I attended the first National Girl scout Roundup in 1956. Thank you Judy Frey!

  2. Cathe Ryan

    Judy was equally wonderful in her career as Master seamstress where I had the pleasure of working with her!

  3. Joanne Heller

    Congratulations Judy! Thank you for your devotion to the Girl Scouts in Westport. How lucky so many of were, as a new leader,s to have you coordinating events for the young scouts at Camp Aspetuck. What a gift that was to us as we navigated leading our troops. Many thanks for all you have done for Girl Scouting in Westport.

  4. Michele Mitnick

    Judy is a Westport treasure! If you have had anything to do with Girl Scouts in Westport, you have met Judy. She has been involved in every aspect of the organization and was a mentor to me (and so many others) as a young GS leader and organization member. You will not meet a more patient or kind person and I was lucky to work with her for many years while my daughters were involved with Scouting. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of being honored than Judy Frey. Thank you, Judy!!

  5. Jacque O'Brien

    Congratulations Judy! I could repeat everything that’s been said about you but instead will simply say this is an honor so well deserved, not just for the leaders, but for the girls as well! Thank you!