Roundup: Beach Rules, Gun Violence, Dog Poop …

The cost of a Westport beach sticker for out-of-towners — $775 — has been the subject of heated debate, everywhere from the pages of “06880” to the halls of the State Capitol.

This past wee, radio listeners around the state heard about it.

“Ethan & Lou” discussed it on their i95 show. in typical 2-radio-host-trying-to-engage-listeners style.

The station put a variation of the riff on their website too. In the context of complaints about Connecticut’s “rocky (not sandy)” beaches, they mentioned both the expense of Compo, and the many rules posted on the town website. (Hey, guys: The rules are posted at the beach, too.)

The website complains: “No Alcohol!? Can’t bring my dog? Can’t listen to music? No hooch, no pooch and no Scooch? Sounds un-American.”

Of course, alcohol is permitted on South Beach (unlike most state beaches). The “music” ban refers to “amplified music, including bands and DJs” (though they seem to be okay, upon request to Parks & Rec). As for “Scooch” — well, at least it rhymes.

Click here for the full story — including a link to the “Ethan & Lou” segment.

There are definitely lots of rules at Compo Beach.


The Remarkable Theater continues to be a remarkable resource for Westport.

This Tuesday (June 7, 8 p.m.), they’ll screen a special show for the soon-to-graduate Staples High Class of 2022.

The 71-minute video includes never-before-seen footage of their 4 yeas at school.

Tickets are only $5. Click here to reserve a spot; then pile your friends into a car and head to the Imperial Avenue parking lot!


Yesterday was National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The timing — coming after a slew of mass shootings — was propitious. But in a cascade of bad news, the day itself might have been missed by many.

One Westporter, however, marked the occasion on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge:

(Photo/Dina Upton)


“06880” has posted photos previously of 1 or 2 plastic poop bags left in otherwise pristine parks, or on people’s lawns and driveways.

But this image — sent by David Brant, executive director of Aspetuck Land Trust which oversees (among many other properties) Haskins Preserve — seems almost perverse. The sign about dog waste — and that there is no “Poop Fairy” — are literally inches away.

Is it a “Candid Camera” stunt? Part of an elaborate psychology experiment?

Or are Westporters just dumping on us?

Whatever the reason: It’s not funny.

Whoever you are: Shame on you.

And just remember: Whatever goes around, comes around.


The Staples High School baseball team plays in the state “LL” (extra large schools) quarterfinals today (Trumbull High School, 2 p.m.).

But win or lose, they’re already champions.

On Thursday — the day after their 2nd-round upset of higher-ranked Amity-Woodbridge — the Wreckers collected thousands of dollars of cleats, bats and other equipment.

They donated it to Bluefish Travel Baseball, a program in Bridgeport.

The 2022 Staples High School varsity baseball team. (Photo/John Videler for Videler Photography)


A recent pre-Memorial Day story about a Westport connection to an American soldier saved by a German guard during World War II was fascinating.

But Tom Feeley — who recounted the tale — had misremembered the name of the soldier, whom he met and befriended at VFW Joseph J. Clinton Post 399.

Tom called him “Mike Brody.” His name was actually Samuel Meyer Brody.

And — because this is “06880,” where “Westport meets the world” — there is another local tie. Sam Brody was longtime resident and RTM member Dick Lowenstein’s 3rd cousin.

Here is a photo of Sam (left) and Dick at the Senior Center. Sam died the next year, at 96. Click here for a full obituary.


Lifelong Westporter and former firefighter Stanley Prackup died on Wednesday. He was 87.

One of 8 children, he graduated from Staples High School in 1953. He played baseball there, and was a sharpshooter in its Rifle Club.

Stanley enlisted in the Navy after high school, and served on the USS Valcour and Intrepid.  He was awarded the Navy Good Conduct Medal.

After the navy he attended the University of Connecticut.

He was a postal carrier for several years before joining the Westport Fire Department. He served as a firefighter for 20 years, until 1988. He also owned his own landscaping business.

Stanley and his wife Joan built a home here, and lived in it for over 40 years. Devoted to his religion, he was happiest in his garden, and spending time with family and friends.

He was predeceased by his brothers, Frank, Michael and George, and sisters Rose, Barbara and Alice.

Stanley is survived by his wife of 58 years, Joan Prackup; daughters Brenda Prackup, Linda Prackup-Desautels and Sandra Prackup; grandson Luke Desautels; sister Virginia Fiordelisi, and numerous cousins, nieces and nephews.

A memorial mass will be held Monday (June 6, 10 a.m., St Luke Church), followed by interment at Assumption Cemetery on Greens Farms Road. Click here for a livestream of the service.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Alzheimer’s Association or the Cancer Research Institute.

Stanley Prackup


Ordinarily this bad parking job at the Taylor Lot near the Westport Library would not be “06880”-worthy.

But the car has been there since at least early last week.

With the window open, people have left angry messages for the owner.

If it’s yours, please claim it. If there’s a problem, please contact the police!


David Fiore sends today’s “Westport … Naturally” photo, noting: “As seen from our kitchen window at breakfast. A chippy enjoying the view, having his own breakfast on our weeping cherry tree berries.”

(Photo/David Fiore)


And finally … speaking of chipmunks:

15 responses to “Roundup: Beach Rules, Gun Violence, Dog Poop …

  1. Jonathan Berg

    On the dog poop thing – is there a trash can anywhere around? If not, that’s the issue. People really really don’t want to bring a bag of poop into their car.

    • Susan Iseman

      There are no trash cans at Haskins Preserve. For the few minutes it takes to drive home, poop bags can go in the trunk of the car. It’s disgusting and irresponsible to leave them about- even worse to not pick up after your dog in the first place. Even when there ARE trash cans in other areas, we see poop bags all over town. I would venture to say if dogs were allowed at the beach, you’d see them all over he place, bagged and not bagged.

      • Jonathan Berg

        Sure, never gone there but I don’t disagree. I’m explaining the instinct, not agreeing with the behavior.

    • Jerry Kuyper

      I’m a little late to this conversation but I may be able to offer an explanation. I’m an Aspetuck steward at Haskins Preserve, basically I put branches in piles to keep the trail clear and I pick up poop and litter. On average, I pick up 2 – 6 bags of poop every visit and I take them home to my garbage. I’m talking 100 plus bags over several years. T

      One time in sheer frustration, I lined my collection of bags by the wood post as you begin the central trail from the lot. It was my visual way of saying –

      Poopsters! there is no poop fairy, I picked them up after a week or so.

      My guess is these bags were not left by dog owners in spite, but by someone making a statement to pick it up!

      I do like Dan’s idea of an elaborate psychology experiment perhaps that’s what i was doing – once.

      On a positive note I think there was far less poop bags over the this Spring.

      Tip – dog owners just put them in a larger plastic bag in your trunk.

  2. Bill Strittmatter

    I’m surprised the police haven’t tried to contact the owner of the badly parked vehicle sort of in “welfare check” mode. Lengthy stay with open window in rain would suggest something may have happened to owner such that they couldn’t come back to care for their car. Or it was stolen and abandoned there. Given how close it is to police HQ one would have thought they’d have noticed and after the 3rd or 4th ticket checked in with the owner.

  3. Jalna Jaeger

    That is a grey squirrel, not a chipmunk, and weeping cherries do not have cherries!

  4. Fred Cantor

    Debbie and I saw the documentary about Sam Brody at the WHS years ago and I believe he was there for a Q & A as well. A fascinating life.

  5. Matt Bannon

    Dan your beach rules comments are quite timely
    Summary of the long weekend Start with
    Great weather
    After that it was quite interesting
    Day passes sold out by mid day so I would consider most of those out of town guests
    Very loud and obnoxious music that the person did not care to turn down

    Seems like a number of very large tents

    2 cars trying to race in the wrong direction..

    Lastly at least 2 topless woman on the beach .. a parent of small children objected but I think the comment was topless was not on the board.. hard to argue the point

    No town workers or police in sight .. In defense of the town staff, most of them are young and probably not confident enough to address such issues .. I shared the above with town hall.. they did say they were short staffed and will try to do better.. I think police or a person of authority could help the situation

    The day pass people should be warmly welcomed but reminded that they are guest here in this fine town

    We need to work hard to continue to keep Compo a place we can all enjoy

  6. Peter Mihalick

    As far as beach rules none are unamerican! They are reasonably there to protect the rights of others and need to be enforced! There NOT! How about the literally hundreds of people who get dumped off at the beach without a beach pass. See beer liquor ( in glass) brought in all the time. Maybe someone needs to police that. If some fines were given out watch how the rules would be read and maybe adhered to.

  7. Matt Murray

    Someone listens to terrestrial radio?! Who woulda thunk it? I think I-95 has used the same playlists, year after year, for decades. Time to call it an “oldies station.”

  8. Carl Addison Swanson

    Now that they have opened up Longshore Golf Course to non-residents, why not the beach? This town has become all about money and it will be our downfall. Traffic is a good indication of what is forthcoming. Blah!

  9. Peter Mihalick

    Haven’t been here long? Golf has been open to non residents for years. The beach should be just for residents, much different activity. You could stay in New Jersey

    • Carl Addison Swanson

      I have been around since 1952, Pete and was one of the first to play the course when purchased in 1960. It’s original intent was for Westport residents only. When the course took a nose dive in maintenance years back, they opened it up to non-residents after 4:00 p.m. for 20 bucks and they all walk. So, when you used to be able to get 9 or 18 holes after work, you are lucky to finish six holes now. It is owned by the town, just as the beach, activity is of no relevance. $$$$ is the reason. Pig gets fat, hog get slaughtered.

  10. Regarding the thoughts of Mr. Bannon, for years there was a Police Officer assigned to Compo Beach. Totally dedicated to the beach area to enforce parking as well as enforce the regulations and back up the Parks and Rec staff including the lifeguards. Coverage went from 10am to 2am. I have no idea why that has changed. I have spent hours on the beach without seeing a cop drive or walk by.