Unsung Hero #241

Thomas Scarice has been superintendent of schools for less than 2 years. He took the job in the early days of COVID. He knew he’d deal with an unprecedented educational crisis — and would have to learn his new school district in unprecedented ways.

He’s done that, and much more. Today, grateful Westporter Rachel Markus explains why she nominated him  for this week’s Unsung Hero honors:

Thomas Scarice has been a fantastic leader for educators, students and parents since taking the helm during such challenging times.

His compassion for all parties and open, honest, informative communications have endeared him to many. His ability to help us navigate through tragedies — from one in the community at the end of the 2021 school year, to the unspeakable event in Texas — with such compassion and empathy, while marshalling resources — is a wonderful reminder that our children are in wonderful and capable hands in the Westport school system.

Superintendent of schools Thomas Scarice doing what he loves most: Sitting with students. This photo is from Long Lots Elementary School.

Tom Scarice has proven time and again his ability to listen and encourage patience and dialogue; to wait for information and truth before rushing to make decisions or hasty conclusions.

His tireless dedication to the community is evident in the little things too, such as his 4 a.m. calls with meteorologists in the unenviable task of predicting when to call a snow day.

Many other Westporters — including those without children in the school system — echo Rachel’s words. As the school year ends: Thanks, Superintendent of Schools Scarice, for guiding us so well through it.

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4 responses to “Unsung Hero #241

  1. I am not impressed easily by school administers, but Tom Scarice has done just that. He is a forward thinking leader who knows how to keep calm in the storm (and there is a constant storm). He has a great understanding of what our students need to be successful in the world that looks very different from the one that any of us graduated into.

  2. Lynn Bayard

    Also supporting Rachel’s nomination! I am endlessly stunned by what a wonderful person, leader and communicator Superintendent Scarice is – I rave about him to everyone and count my blessings every day that my children attend school in this district and are being educated by him and his amazing team from top to bottom. And I say this as someone raised in NYC who attended and formerly sent her kids to some of the best private schools in the country. Superintendent Scarice is a true hero in our house.

  3. Julie Shapiro

    He is fabulous – we are into our second round of the school situation in Westport – parents, now grandparents to students. He is the most amazing Superintendent we have ever had. Caring, Intelligent, open minded, thoughtful, a great leader. Thank you

  4. A steady hand in the wake of the storms I am extremely impressed with his. Unwavering efforts