Memorial Day 2022 — Gallery #1

It may have been Westport’s best Memorial Day parade ever.

The weather was perfect. The number of kids marching (and riding) was astonishing. After 2 years of COVID, the feeling of joyful community was palpable

The Veterans Green ceremony was especially meaningful this year. The crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to grand marshal Jean Wells: 105 years old today!

Here’s the first batch of photos, from “06880” readers. Stay tuned for more!

Heading across the bridge toward the parade start, at Saugatuck Elementary School. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

It doesn’t get more American than a red fire truck. (Photo/Todd Freeman)

I’m sure this drummer knows who he is. (Photo/Diane Yormark)

A hearty Memorial Day high five. (Photo/John Suggs)

This year’s them was “Women Who Served.” Priscilla Long honors them. (Photo/Alison JB Patton)

Meanwhile, the League of Women Voters was led by 2 men. (Photo/John Suggs)

Ben Kiev pushed Andy Berman the entire way, for myTeamTriumph. The non-profit helps people with disabilities run road races. (Photo/Johanna Kiev)

The Y’s Men’s won this year’s float contest — again. Have they ever lost? (Photo/Page Englehart)

Scott Broder with Eduardo. from Blinding Eyes for the Blind of Mt. Kisco — the newest family member.

Memorial Day parade judges: Diane Heisinger, Betty Lou Cummings, Mary Ann Lindwall, Ruth Whelan. The parade theme was “Women Who Served” — and all 4 judges are female.

Westport veterans. We give thanks to all who served. (Photo/Andrew Colabella)

2 responses to “Memorial Day 2022 — Gallery #1

  1. Bobbie Herman

    This is the first Memorial Day Parade I have missed since I moved to Westport in 1983. I even drove in too many to count (at least 20).

    But I send you all sincere greeting from my new home In Redding, only 20 minutes, but it seems a million miles, away.

  2. Sue Iseman

    Bless your loving, brave heart, Priscilla Long !