Small Fire Empties Long Lots

In the wake of yesterday’s elementary school shooting in Texas, police officers were assigned today to all 8 Westport school buildings.

Around noon, the officer at Long Lots Elementary School was alerted to an odor of smoke in the auditorium. Seeing smoke, the officer activated the fire alarm to evacuate the school.

The Westport Fire Department responded with 4 engines, 1 ladder truck, the safety officer and shift commander.

The first arriving unit found the school evacuated and a small fire burning in the wall of the auditorium. The police officer who found the fire had used an extinguisher to put out most of the fire. The fire department gained access to the inside of the wall and extinguished the remaining fire.

The auditorium is behind the main entrance to Long Lots Elementary School.

The small fire was contained to a wall in the auditorium.  An investigation by the Westport fire marshal’s office determined the cause to be an electrical short.

Students and staff returned inside shortly before 1 p.m. Out of an abundance of caution, students were dismissed at 1:15 for the rest of the school day.

The fire department was assisted on scene by the Fairfield Fire Department, Westport Police Department and Westport EMS. There were no injuries to first responders, students or staff.

The Westport Fire Department notes, “The quick actions of the police officer and execution of a well-practiced evacuation plan contributed to this successful operation.”

3 responses to “Small Fire Empties Long Lots

  1. That is so terrible!
    Happy the Fire Department and Scool was on top of it!!
    What’s wong with some people? Obviously, they need help!🙏🏼

  2. Edward Bonaham

    Long Lots…since my time there surrounded by Asbestos and Mold, poor drainage and the back of the property pitched towards the buildings and a lot of flat areas, and certain wings of the building deemed “wet” or “dry” it’s time to redo Long Lots and then Coleytown Elementary School. Hopefully, it’ll be done with all deliberate speed and attention from the new board of education.

    If it were the old board, there would be nothing but dirty looks, “your time is up,” a disbanded facilities committee and more sick and exposed kids.

  3. Long Lots has had worse fires. One in the 1970s stands out in particular.