Roundup: Oystercatchers, Longshore Survey, Dr. K …

We all feel battered by bad news. This morning — reminded of Sandy Hook, Buffalo and so much more by the tragedy in Texas — seems especially difficult.

Fortunately, birds don’t read the papers. They just live their lives — and bring joy and beauty into ours.

A tiny bit of good news: The oystercatchers have hatched at Compo Beach.

Please give them space. They need it. Enjoy them from afar — as in this great telephoto view.

(Photo/Tina Green)


Longshore is on the drawing board.

As Westport plans “replacement, relocations and/or enhancements of existing facilities and new facilities” for Longshore, the town seeks residents’ input.

Stantec — a landscape architect, planning and engineering firm — has developed a town-wide survey. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. Click here to participate. The link will be active until June 14.

Click here for more information, and project updates.

The Inn at Longshore and 18th hole are just a small part of Longshore Club Park. (Drone photo/John Videler for


The Staples girls golf team — ranked #1 in the state — added to their superb season by defeating Greenwich 181-186 yesterday. The win clinches the FCIAC Western Division championship, the Wreckers’ first solely held division title since 2016.

Staples — now 13-1 — vies for the FCIAC crown on June 2. Two days earlier, they end the league season with a match against Eastern Division champion New Canaan.

Congratulations to coach Patty Kondub and her team!

The 2022 Staples High School golf team. Seated (from left): senior co-captains Lizzie Kuehndorf and Leni Lemcke. Standing: freshman Rachel Pontoriero; sophomore Kathleen Coffey, juniors Reilly McGeehan and Keeva Boyle.


No one loved Staples High School more than Gerry Kuroghlian. The beloved English teacher collected many Wrecker items during his long career — including yearbooks.

“Dr. K” died last November. Now his wife Ellen is offering some of those yearbooks to anyone who wants them. They’re free — but she hopes their new owners will make a donation to the Dr. K. Humanitarian Scholarship, created by friends and administered by Staples Tuition Grants.

(The first award will be given out May 31. Donations are always welcome!)

The yearbooks are from 1970, ’71, ’72, ’75, ’79, 2000, ’02, ’03 and ’05. Email for details.

Dr. Gerry Kuroghlian


Speaking of Staples collectors’ items:

Yesterday’s Roundup included an item about the Class of 1967 Homecoming Queen ballot, now for sale on eBay.

Robert Gerrity — who sent that link — has discovered another Class of ’67 eBay goodie. This one has a bit more appeal: a vinyl recording of an Orchestra concert.

Click here to buy this rare item. If, that is, you’ve still got a turntable. And are willing to pay $100.

The 1966 Orchestra record, with conductor Robert Genualdi.


There’s only one week left in Gilbertie’s Herb & Garden Center’s town-wide scavenger hunt. It’s one of the fun lead-ups to the family-owned business’ 100th anniversary celebration June 4.

All you need for the scavenger hunt is a smartphone, car and driver, and the clues (click here).

It takes half an hour. It’s a great activity for families, anyone new to Westport, anyone who’s lived here a long time and loves Gilbertie’s — or anyone else.

Click here for details. Then click your seatbelt, and scavenge away. When you’re done, you’ve got a chance to win a $50 Gilbertie’s gift certificate.

Meanwhile: Congratulations to the first winners: Bonnie and Allan Arkush.

A scavenger hunt map.


Some youngsters with critical illnesses ask Make-a-Wish for a trip to Disney World, or to meet a celebrity.

Aaron James wanted to serve food from a truck.

The 17-year-old was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago. It’s now in remission. So the other day he happily took over Dan Kardo’s food truck at Don Memo. Along with great chefs like Bill Taibe (Don Memo, Kawa Ni, The Whelk), Jess Bengtson (Terrain Café and Amis Trattoria), Matt Storch (Match Burger Lobster, Match) and Robin Selden (Marcia Selden Catering), he served up tacos, oysters and more.

Aaron’s goal is to have his own food truck one day. Here’s hoping that’s one more wish that comes true.

Aaron James outside Don Memo.


Yesterday, Westport Police released the name of the man killed in Monday evening’s fatal automobile accident on Saugatuck Avenue. He was Mark Lemoult, age 59 of Norwalk.

The incident remains under investigation.


Westport Country Playhouse’s current production — “Straight White Men” — is both funny and thought-provoking. In between male bonding rituals and conversations about money, work, and love, a father and his 3 adult sons face serious questions about their own identities.

The play runs now through June 5. But the Playhouse is offering free post-curtain events, open to all who want to learn more about the production and its themes.

Anyone can attend; tickets are not needed. Just arrive at the Playhouse 90 minutes after curtain time.

The first (Thursday, May 26) is a conversation with director Mark Lamos,

A symposium after this Sunday’s (May 29) 3 p.m. matinee features the full cast, in an in-depth discussion. of “Straight White Men” for an in-depth discussion about the show.

On June 3 Edson Rivas, executive director of the Triangle Community Center, leads a discussion on gender expectations

Click here for more information “Straight White Men.”

Westport Country Playhouse


The threshold for entitled parking photos on “06880” is now taking up 3 spaces — not just 2. And a parking job must be a lot more egregious than just a “No Parking” zone to make the cut these days.

But this driver managed to do both yesterday, at the Westport Library. He or she came all the way from Florida (or registers his or her car there, to avoid Connecticut taxes), just to 1) hog 2 spaces perfectly and 2) ignore the sign that says — smack in front of the driver — “No Parking/Loading & Unloading Only.”

But hey: It is a very nice car.

(Photo/Dan Woog)


Spring brings a riot of colors to Westport. Sunil Ghirani captured some of them on Soundview Drive, for our “Westport … Naturally” feature.

The sailboat in the distance adds even more.

(Photo/Sunil Hirani)


And finally … on this day in 1878, Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera “HMS Pinafore” opened in London.

23 responses to “Roundup: Oystercatchers, Longshore Survey, Dr. K …

  1. Go Wreckers!
    Go Patty!
    Congratulations on being number one

  2. As to entitled parking photo that inconsiderate SOB deserves to be “keyed”
    Not that I would ever condone something illegal

  3. Barbara Wanamaker

    What ever happened to upgrading/replacement of Compo bathhouses? It’s almost 10 years since “Sandy” took down part of the structure and several bathhouses, all of which were and still are in serious disrepair.

  4. Larry Perlstein

    Go Staples Golf!

    As for the Longshore survey… I completed the survey last night but I found it very unsatisfying as I felt that it forced answers by not providing a none of the above option on any of the questions. I also felt that the survey needed some context — I wasn’t aware that some of these things were issues.

    • Mike Stuttman

      It’s been my observation that Westport surveys are less about eliciting public opinion than they are about providing perceived support for an already realized plan, thus the wonky language and limited response choices.

      Parking has never been a problem for me at Longshore, but this survey made it seem like it will be a priority in any new plan, which is an odd way to allocate resources for the renovation of a cherished public park and recreation facility.

      This survey, combined with the BOF Chair’s recent comment about selling Longshore real estate to raise revenue are concerning and will require vigilance from all the stakeholders who didn’t get a private meeting with the consultants.

      • Mike — Precisely like most surveys commissioned by corporate execs and consultants, too.

    • Mark Palmer

      I agree with Larry regarding the survey. Very underwhelming, with many items assumed to be “shared” concerns or goals that are not a concern or goal of mine at all. I assume I’m not the only one that would feel that way, either. It also seemed to have a very pro-golf bent. If it asks if there should continue to be a pool present, the question should also be asked: should it continue to be an 18 hole golf course? I just hope that a broader range of opinions and constituencies are sought before any decisions are made.

    • Scott Smith

      Patty Kondub is a community hero, and I agree with you about the survey. Very poorly conceived. Then again, you can check the second-floor conference room of the Parks & Rec building at Longshore and find a whole shelf of Capital Improvement Plans, done at considerable expense every five years or so since 1960

    • Yes, Larry, it’s a shitty, useless and pandering survey at best…so many other opinions could have been asked and so many none of the aboves were absent…useless, like “thoughts and prayers” when 19 kids are mowed down and we pry to the Guy who, if he could help afterwards, would not have let it happen in the first place.

  5. John McCarthy

    Memories of Saugatuck Elementary 6th grade production of HMS Pinafore back in 1976. I still hum the songs to this day. Thank you Mrs. Farmer.

  6. Steve Doig ‘66

    That Homecoming Queen ballot actually was the Class of 1967. Homecoming 1966 was in the Fall, after my class had graduated. But I do remember these three beautiful young women as juniors.

  7. The “entitled parking” poster car is a 2010 Bentley Azure, VIN SCBDC4BL9ACX14445 and was purchased USED, er “Previously Owned” from a broker in Dallas, TX.

    It’s amazing what you can find out with a few minutes on the internet, especially when you’re procrastinating on a boring work project.

    Yes it is a nice car, and being a dozen years old, it probably went for about the price of a new Tesla today. But then there’s “the upkeep.”

  8. Susan Iseman

    I agree with Larry Perlstein. I found the Longshore survey unsatisfying as well. There was no place to add additional comments/issues/concerns.

  9. Re: the Staples Orchestra album, I have to say the Staples music program made the most impact on me of anything in my high school experience. Despite my lack of musical talent (and poor practicing habits!), I developed a lifelong passion for classical music thanks especially to Mr. Genualdi’s orchestra and Mr. Hanulik’s college level music theory classes. (I also fondly remember Mr. Ohanion’s wincing at my poor tone quality during violin/viola lessons!) I hope the Staples music program is still going great guns. Sadly, few other high schools have anything beyond a marching band today.

  10. Zoning Regs require 5spaces per 1,000 SF of retail. If you have an older small lot property you must line fewer skinnier spots to comply and it’s too tight resulting in dings and impolite parking as a means of avoidance. Just dump 5/1,000 for undersized properties and simply line properly sized spaces and perhaps Westport can return to civility ⁉️🙈

  11. Kevin McCaul

    RIP Mark Lemoult. I worked with him at Viva Zapata many years ago. What a colorful character with a strong work ethic. He’ll be sorely missed by many.

    • Kevin McCaul

      Addendum: He grew up in Westport and was a member of Staples High Class of 1981.

  12. Barbara Wanamaker

    Sounds like the Longshore survey is the same format as the Compo Charette. No opportunity for individual input. Only able to choose the least offensive choice. I believe that fiasco cost the Town $50,000,

  13. Clark Thiemann

    The Longshore survey was bizarre. There’s lots of ways to improve Longshore (a real restaurant near the pool? somewhere to eat food after playing golf? A splash pad and cool playground that doesn’t burn kids skin on a hot day near the pool?).

    But in 25+ years of using the facility (including a couple working there) I have never had concerns about 1.) parking 2.) street layouts 3.) flooding. Has anyone who created this ever been to Longshore?

  14. Dan, I’m surprised you didn’t have The Coasters keyed up to play after the story about someone smelling smoke in the auditorium.

  15. Patty Kondub

    Thank you, Dan! And thank you to everyone who tells us that you are rooting for the Staples Girls’ Golf Team!
    We appreciate your support.
    Coaches Patty Kondub and Maureen Fontana