Dog Day Afternoon

The official name is Winslow Park.

But everyone in Westport — and plenty of folks far beyond — call it “the dog park.”

The 32 acres of rolling meadows, woods and paths are a pooch’s paradise all year long. Today, many brought their owners to the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce’s annual Dog Festival.

From obstacle courses and K-9 demonstrations to vendors selling everything from natural treats to portraits, it was canine heaven.

“06880” photographers fetched us these scenes:

(Photo/Lyah Muktavaram)

(Photo/Lyah Muktavaram)

(Photo/Lyah Muktavaram)

(Photo/Lyah Muktavaram)

One drone view … (Drone photo/Mark Mathias)

… and another, higher and wider one. (Drone photo/Charlie Scott)

5 responses to “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. Bobbie Herman

    It’s too bad they can’t have a Cat Fest. But they’d probably tear each other apart!

    • Paul Lowenstein

      Those are called cat cafes 😉

      Although some cats do well on a leash (which is adorable), they do better inside or at least within a confined area if outside. Dogs don’t climb trees. ;-P

  2. Jennifer L Clarke

    OMG!! i can’t believe MJH lived in westport all this time. and not far from where my childhood home used to stand.

  3. Clark Thiemann

    This is a really fun event for both humans and their dogs. Thanks to all the volunteers!

  4. Susan Iseman